Myths, fairy tales and saint lives are using the voice of one artist to create music! Music inspired by your first love! Her name is Emmy and she is great! That’s why we know her as Emmy The Great! A young woman, a Great artist! She can write, she can sing, she can create art! Now she is here to talk about music, about past, about future! Enjoy the greatness of Emmy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Emmy the Great?

Me and Euan! Mainly me, Emma Moss, but since the very early days Euan Hinshelwood has been what I call the ‘taste barrier’. Without him the music would sound much, much tackier.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood?

Weirdly, although I grew up in Hong Kong, all my best childhood memories are of being in countries outside of Hong Kong. Trips down the river in Bangkok with my dad when he was painting, and going to Indonesia with my family. Summer holiday in England visiting my grandmother. I don’t have any misty eyed memories of Hong Kong sadly. Too much homework.

What were your dreams when you were a little girl? Did your dreams come true?

I wanted to be a writer so they kind of have come true. I’m a songwriter now and I spend a lot of my time writing lyrics. I still think one day I would like to write a book, but I love my work so much right now I want to concentrate on music. I’m not a natural musician and so I’m learning constantly on the job.

What to expect from your in the future?

Another album soon from Emmy the Great, and a Christmas album this Christmas, with Tim Wheeler. We’re not sure what the band name for that is yet.

Your new album called “Virtue”. What means this album to you? How you felt during the making of it? What you expect from the audience?

This album sort of saved my life! Before I made it I was deeply sad, and I feel like, symbolically, I turned my sadness into an album, and now that’s what it is. It was like a museum piece of something I used to feel, and the tool I used to get over it. Making it was a huge growing experience, especially because I was able to work with two people I really, really admire – Euan Hinshelwood and Gareth Jones. I hope the audience gets even one fraction of the feeling we got making it!

What reminds you the taste of Dark Chocolate?

My dad. He eats it constantly. We find little chunks of it all over my parents’ house from where it’s fallen off as he nibbled.

Visit Emmy The Great @ http://www.emmythegreat.com/

Emmy The Great Gallery 

Watch Emmy The Great here:

Thank you So Much Emmy The Great!!!

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