Exclusive Interview YahZarah: A woman who says what she wants and sings what she likes!

Welcome aboard! This Starship is ready to take you away. Forget your problems and come back as a flower! Enjoy the trip. It’s full of music! Feel the urban vibes in your mind! This is something unforgettable! Her name is YahZarah! Her voice is heavenly and her music made for everyone who loves the really great music! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is YahZarah?
YahZarah is…
A woman who says what she wants and sings what she likes and sings her truth,
YahZarah is also a Washingtonian and the daughter of a Charismatic Ghanaian man and a Beautiful American woman who named for both her Grandmothers.
Yah on her fathers side who passed at the age of 103, and the flip of her Grandmother Sarah on her mom’s who gave up her dream of playing concert piano to have raise my mom. Sarah’s name in Arabic name Sarah birthed YahZarah.

 Your new album The Ballad of Purple Saint James sounds like a musical dream. Your music can touch the heart and the soul. How can you describe the album?

First let me say thank you. It was important to me that people listen my truth when I was making this project and identify with how human and honest the stories are.
The ballad is the highs, the lows, the love and losses the humor, of life I was going through a lot of transitions and it came out in the songs.

What can inspire you in life and music to come back as a flower?

A sunrise, a great book, a well-written song, a strong long kiss. And Acts of God all around me daily. Many things do…. A good story inspires me especially, when it’s about someone rising above the bull this world tends to throw at us.

Do you like traveling and sing around the world?
Of course…. Only thing I hate with a passion are the airports getting on the way there….lol

What reminds you the taste of Dark Chocolate?

What reminds me of the taste of dark chocolate huh…lol

A good love song and deep kiss….lol (wink)

Visit YahZarah@ http://www.whoisyahzarah.com/  

YahZarah Gallery

Watch YahZarah here:

Thank you very much YahZarah!!!!

(first published at Dark Chocolate :

http://georgios-darkchocolate.blogspot.com/2011/07/exclusive-interviewher-name-is-yahzarah.html )


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