Exclusive Interview: A FRIEND IN LONDON!

As you standing there and thinking about the future you feel that you can dream, you can smile and you know that you are a diamond… the only think you have to do is to sing: Let’s make a New Tomorrow today! The same song that A Friend Ιn London sung in the Eurovision Song Contest! The most exciting, fresh, sticky group in Europe right now! Ben from AFIL talks just for you! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Which is the story of you? Tell me about the beginning of the band. 

We met each other in 2003 on an art school for music and theatre, and formed the band two years later when Tim won a competition called ‘Danish Young Talent 2005’. In 2008 we won the European final of a worldwide music contest called ‘Bodog Million Dollar Battle’, and was spotted by a Canadian manager who brought us ‘across the pond’ to showcase on NXNE in Toronto in June 2009. Since then we’ve been touring for a month every half-year in the province of Ontario in Canada with great success.We’ve appeared on Breakfast TV in Ontario, which has got millions of viewers everyday, and we played Canadian Music Week 2010 and 2011, which is the biggest music festival in Canada.

How can you describe your music?

From day one the hunt for powerful and catchy melodies has been the main focus in the band. The music combines the simplicity of boy-band pop with the complexity of British influenced indie rock backed by powerful choir arrangements. The genre is pop rock, and we’re often compared to acts such as Coldplay, U2, The Fray, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol etc..

Why you called the band A Friend in London?

 The name came out of a brainstorm just before Tim was going on to London to play some solo showcases. He was going to stay at a friend’s place, and the line just came out in the room and it sounded really good.The name is really good metaphor for building bridges across the countries and continents, as we’ve been doing the last couple of years – making FRIENDS all over the World, and see how fans from different countries are starting to interact with each other – like the way we interact with our fans, taking them in as a part of the band and the FRIEND ZONE as we call it. A FRIEND IN LONDON is not about our four egos, but about everyone that has an interest in our music and the band!

How was the Eurovision experience for you? Which was the best moment?

Definitely going on stage in front of 20.000 people Thursday, 28.000 people Friday, and 36.000 people Saturday. It was the greatest experience of all times, the feeling inside and the interacting with the audience made it all come together in the most beautiful way, playing our song with the important message that it has, feeling that Europe was together around this! Can’t describe how happy we were 🙂

What are your future plans?

 Right now we’re doing a tour in Denmark until late June where we’re going to Toronto to record our debut album with a great Canadian producer called Greig who is a good friend of ours.After that we have some more shows in Denmark, before the album is out in September and we go tour in, hopefully, all of Europe. As of now we already get a lot of booking requests from mainly Germany and Ireland as we went directly in as no 3 on iTunes in Ireland and as no 4 in Germany. This is the near future, no one knows what will happen, but we want to keep doing this till we are not able to do it anymore. We are best friends and this is our life, how we want to live it, and this is what we want to do – and we are SO thankful that the people around Europe supported us the way they did – THANK YOU!

Have you ever been in Greece?

Unfortunately not, but I actually played in a band with a Greek guy, and I can prove it because his last name was Lassithiotakis 🙂

Do you like to travel all around the world and play your music for everyone?

Yes that has always been our biggest dream, to travel around the World playing our music and making FRIENDS in all the countries that we play. So far we’ve only been traveling to Canada, but there’s a European Tour on the drawboard.

What reminds you  the taste of dark chocolate?

My mother. She loves dark chocolate.

Visit A Friend in London @ http://www.afriendinlondon.com/ 

A Friend in London Gallery:

Watch A Friend in London here:

New Single out NOW on itunes!

Thank you very much Ben! Thank you AFIL!

(first published at Dark Chocolate: http://georgios-darkchocolate.blogspot.com/2011/05/friend-in-london-new-tomorrow-today.html )


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