Exclusive Interview Nneka: I am simple and straightforward.

When your life is full of music, when your heart is as big as your afro, when your talent is bigger than life and when your heartbeat is thunderous then you have to spread the beat! Nneka is here to talk about her life, her thoughts and her dreams. Nneka is here to make you feel that magical feeling of TRUE music! Close your eyes and FEEL! (Interview:John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Nneka?

I am a musician, born and raised in Nigeria. I am of African decent and European decent. I have released three albums in the last seven years.

I have toured with a couple of artist, Americans and Africans. I am simple and straightforward.

Your music is a delightful journey of the soul and mind. How important is music for you and how important it is to offer good music to your fans?

It is my life. Ιt is delicate and very important. I give music passionately from my heart, all my stories are personal hence always serious and honest…. i have political lyrics as well, stressing the difficulties we face in Africa and in the world…corruption, bribe, injustice, racism..Etc

How do you feel when you’re on stage before an audience that has come to travel with your music? Is this the most important moment for an artist?

Well it varies, sometimes it is on stage and sometimes I feel better in the studio…it depends on how long I am on the road for. But I love stage, cos I am one with my band and one with the people, you see their faces, and you feel the spirit between us.

What are your dreams for the future and what you fear?

I pray I can continue to do what I am doing for the sake of God. I wish to do so without being selfish…my fears are many.. I can list them. But fear is only an obstacle that keeps us away from light. I fight my fear.

What reminds you the taste of Dark Chocolate?

…. Hmmm, the isle brothers.

Visit Nneka @ http://www.nnekaworld.com/us/home 

Nneka Gallery:

Watch Nneka here: 

Watch Nneka with Ziggy Marley and Eeday here: 

Thank you very much Nneka!!!!!!

(First published at Dark Chocolate: http://georgios-darkchocolate.blogspot.com/2011/08/dark-chocolate-proudly-presents-nneka.html )


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