PopingCherry Presents Great New Music: TwinSpirit!

TwinSpirit’s eclectic flavor is a tasty blend of soul & jazz, Sprinkled with a hint of funk. Her sound is organic and the pictures it paints are filled with sincerity & strength as well as vulnerabilities and human-ness. Its been coined “Hypnotic Soul” which charismatically describes her artistic expression and vocal abilities.

Since the first note was created, TwinSpirit’s unique crowd capturing performance style and songwriting abilities were apparent. Originally from various parts of the US, TwinSpirit & her band of individually talented musicians all settled in Atlanta and as if by fate they were drawn together to form this collective.

TwinSpirit is a versatile artist with a wide range of abilities. She is an extraordinary vocalist with mastery in a number of musical styles ranging from Jazz to Hip-Hop. A top notch lyricist/songwriter and a skilled producer.

TwinSpirit” was voted UK based SaveOurSoul Artist of the Year. She was also selected as a finalist in the Indie Music Awards. TwinSpirit most recently placed as a Finalist in Paris, France’s Sankofa Soul Contest.

The newest addition to TwinSpirits list of passions is the creation of her mobile concert series:The SofA Series. Twinspirit says “We decided to create a space that finally allows performers to refocus their energy on their craft and put the “Art” back in Artist. A space that allows the listening audience to connect with the Artist & the music on deeper level. An intimate, cozy, comfortable space where creative energy is not only allowed but encouraged to FLOW…”

With vocals so deeply hypnotic, they penetrate to the core of the soul of the listener. Her live performances are so honest and real that many have called it “a spiritual experience”.

TwinSpirit released her newest musical creation, MY BEAUTIFUL UGLY, July 2011, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented singer-songwriter.

We GIVE YOU: TwinSpirit and she is “Changing the World One Ear at a Time”

We Know YOU WANT MORE! Find more TwinSpirit here:

THE MUSIC: http://www.twinspiritsworld.com/

THE MOVEMENT: http://www.getnakkedonline.com/

THE MESSAGE: http://www.bebeautifulugly.com/

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/TwinSpiritWorld

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/twinspirit



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