Exclusive interview Julie Dexter: Everything is Not for Everyone!

After the sunrise the blue skies makes you feel happy! Beautiful people walking on the streets…. you feel their vibes and you know that you are new again! You play a song called I can make you dance! What goes around comes around! This song is just the beginning! Is just a song of a wonderful album! Here is Julie Dexter and she is New Again! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a beautiful artist! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Julie Dexter? 

Julie is a mother, wife, singer, songwriter and musician born and raised in Birmingham, England. I studied classical music. My first instrument was clarinet & violin and I later got into Jazz. I sung in a Jazz band before starting my solo career when I moved to Atlanta Georgia.

Listening to your music is like falling in love! How important is music for you and how feels to know that there are people around the world who feel a connection with you through your music?

Music is very important to me because it has literally been my bread and butter for the last 20 years. Whether it’s been singing it, recording it, teaching it, I’ve been able to make a living out of what I enjoy and I am very passionate about.

How can you describe your new album “New Again”?

NEW AGAIN is old school Soul with a new school twist, it’s about love life and relationships, yours and mine.

How you felt during the making of it?

I kinda just went with the flow with this album, it was very organic, it came together very naturally and the producer Steve “MIGGEDY” Maestro from Chicago made it a very easy process, he’s very talented, cool and laid back. We both just went with the flow. I’m very proud of this album. 

How you feel every time that a song is ready for the listeners? 

I feel nervous and excited at the same time, not sure whether they will like it or not but not mad if you don’t like it cos everything is not for everyone.

How important is for you to perform live? 

Very important. It’s the essence of who I am as an artist.

Do you want to travel around the world to spread your music?

Yes I want to continue traveling the world that’s how I’ve been able to see the world, with my music.

What reminds you of the taste of Dark Chocolate?


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Thank you very much Julie Dexter!!!!


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