Exclusive Interview N’dambi: I believe dreams are distant realities.

The world is a beat. A funky, sexy, beautiful beat! Taken from a great album! The world is a Pink Elephant! With a beautiful cover and full of magical music! Magic with the way that N’dambi can create! She is a magical, wonderful, creative artist that makes you stick with her! She is an artist who creates beautiful adult stories! When you play her songs you realize why you love her passionately! She is N’dambi and she talks to PopingCheery! Enjoy with Passion! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is N’Dambi?

N’dambi is a creative, passionate person who lives everyday in the now, challenging herself to be creative in everything she does while giving music to the world that can become the soundtrack to people’s live…living well after the transitions from this life to the next.

Your album “Pink Elephant” is full of extremely beautiful and addictive songs. How important is for you to create beautiful music? How can you describe the album and why you called it “Pink Elephant”?

Why thank you very much!  It always interesting how an album can take shape, what story it may tell, and what life it may take on. I think that’s what makes music beautiful.  Because I am interested in telling the stories, I find it important to create beauty in the music. I believe doing so makes the stories that much more beautiful.  The album “Pink Elephant” can be best described as a series of stories set to song that allows viewers to take a bird’s eye view onto the life of others.

What are your dreams and what are your fears? What you expect from the future? Do you work on something new now?

I dream all the time, only I believe dreams are distant realities.  I dream of finding solutions to the days problems, love, creating a legacy through art to leave behind, and even changing history. My fears are mostly running out of time, not saying what I should have, or will anyone be able to hear the words, understand and tell the stories that I write.  I fear being on my journey alone, also.  With the future, I expect to continue to find ways to tell the stories of others, sing them and connect to others in ways that will be life-long. I am currently working on a new album as we speak. I’m also working on my writings to evolve them into some kind of book.  I am constantly playing because the child in me loves to and I hope the child in me inspires me to always look at the world through innocent eyes.

What is the most important moment for an artist? You enjoy most to create a new song or to be on stage?

To me, the most important moment for an artist is creating, performing…all of them. Each aspect of creativity allows an artist to show different dimension of themselves. I feel as though you cannot fully enjoy being an artist without having some connection to every part of the process that develops the art (music).

You say that you love to tell stories through your songs. How easy is to create new stories? Do you believe in fairy tales? Which is your favorite fairy tale?

Yes, I love to tell stories through the music.  I find it a way to record history. There is an emotion to it that feels like the time it may have been recorded. It’s a way for people to see and feel a time and place they may never have been.  It’s always a challenge to create new stories for there is nothing new about human existence. It’s only the point-of-view that changes.  So usually, I believe as a storyteller, the goal is to find new ways to say the same things.  As for fairy-tales, I believe in them with all my might.  The child in me is always believing.  By far, one of my favorite fairy-tales is “Where the Wild things Are” by Maurice Sendak.  I guess it’s a story that borders on being early science fiction but the most important point of the story is about stimulating one’s imagination.

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Watch N’dambi here:

Thank you SO much N’dambi!!!!!


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