Exclusive Interview Krishnar Lewis: As a kid I dreamed of doing all that I’m doing at this very moment in my life!

Do you feel slave to love? Do you feel love? Love is in the air, besides you and you only have to enjoy every moment of love! There is a song for you called Slave To Your Love! An erotic, intense, sexy, sticky song that will make you want to dance nonstop! Krishnar Lewis created this song for you! He is a pioneer! He sings, he writes songs, he’s acting and he can do anything just to entertain you! Now he is here to talk just for you! Enjoy the artist that can make you feel slave for his art! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Krishnar Lewis?

Model, Singer, Actor, TV Fashion Correspondent, Ad Agency President, Radio Personality, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Father; but not necessarily in that order.

The Deviant Lover, the Spiritual Lover and the Insecure Lover are the story of One Lover’s Trilogy. How can you describe the album?

Simple, three perspectives from my own journey to love.

How you felt during the making of it? 

It felt liberating.

What means love to you?

Well there are all sorts of pop culture definitions to the word love; I personally prefer the biblical definition of the word.  Much of OLT is a play on the counter-definitions of what we say love to be.

Have you ever felt slave of love?

Again, depends on one’s definition.  To true love?  No, never.  But it can sure captivate you and make you as loyal as humanly possible.

Is love the key for a better life (love for the family, lovers, work)? 


When you were a kid what dreams did you have?

As a kid I dreamed of doing all that I’m doing at this very moment in my life.

How easy was to follow your dreams?

Very hard. I’d even say it was character defining.

Do you feel that music was always your destination?

Not a destination but certainly an never-ending soundtrack along my life’s journey.

Music is something personal for the listeners. What inspires you to create music that can our soul and mind?

I hope to only create music that has personal relativity to peoples’ lives and experiences.  I think every artist wants to be valid in that regard.

Do you have dreams about the future? Can you share one with PopingCherry? 

My dream or hope for my future is to always find a window of opportunity to express creativity and to also have the chance to express my gratitude for that opportunity given.

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Thank you very much Krishnar Lewis!!!!



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