My Dog is a smoker! Call Wilfred!

“Doctor I have a problem! My dog ​​is a smoker! I know it sounds unbelievable but this is the bitter truth! I found a pack of cigarettes and matches on the couch. At the beginning I thought someone had forgotten that yesterday but then I discovered that it was his. Now I try to convince the dog to quit smoking but do not know if we shall succeed.”

Info: Wilfred is based on the critically acclaimed Australian series of the same title and was adapted for FX by David Zuckerman (Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill). Zuckerman also serves as Executive Producer along with Rich Frank, Paul Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz of Prospect Park and Joe Connor and Ken Connor of Renegade, producers of the Australian version of the series. Jason Gann serves as Co-Executive Producer. Co-Executive Producer Randall Einhorn directed the pilot plus nine additional episodes of Wilfred’s first season and Victor Nelli, Jr. directed three. Wilfred is produced by FX Productions. The Australian version of Wilfred was written by Jason Gann and Adam Zwar, directed by Tony Rogers and produced by Jen Livingston.

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Elijah Wood

Jason Gann

Fiona Gubelmann

Dorian Brown

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