Exclusive Interview: LoveRaychelMusic: She is the New Music Superhero! Feel the Power!

Forget Spiderman and Batman! It’s time to discover the new superhero! She is more beautiful than Catwoman and does not need the weapons or superpowers of X Men or Superman because her own weapon is her talent! It’s time to meet LoveRaychelMusic! She is amazing! Don’t be afraid anymore! Music has a real Superhero and she is here to show you her Power! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is LoveRaychelMusic?

Having travelled light years to be here, I, LoveRaychelMusic, am pop music’s newest superhero.

My name says it all as I am is an amalgamation of all the things I love the most. Love is the force that drives me musically – there’s an unbelievable sense of passion whenever I come across music I want to write to or that I’m enjoying listening to; Raychel is of course my birth name and Music is what I do!

Who are your musical inspirations? Artists that you dream to work with?

My musical inspirations range from Toni Braxton to Britney Spears to Michael Jackson to Hall and Oates. It basically stems from all kinds of music, from all over the world and from all periods in time. It’s quite hard to limit as those who truly inspire me to be great would be every single iconic musical figure this world has ever seen to date like Michael Jackson, The Beatles etc.

The musical talent this planet has provided since the Renaissance period has been pretty special., but if we fast forward to the Noughties – I’d have to say Kanye West would be someone I would absolutely LOVE to work with; his creativity is off the wall!

Music is a smile, a love, a tear. Music is everything! Do you feel this power when you create music? Are you ready to inspire people with your music?

I do feel this power, whether it’s writing songs for me or others, or learning a new routine for a set – I do feel the power of music and the power to communicate with others in a very special way. I am ready to take that responsibility to inspire others – this is what I was sent to do!

What to expect in the future from you? Are you ready to be the newest music superhero?

Yes I am ready to be the superhero many have caught a glimpse of –  I ask the world to look to the skies and stay tuned as there will be a series of performances, shoots, videos and collaborations in the not too distant future.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry and everyone who found a new “Superhero” in you?

I would have to say the next few months are going to be pretty exciting so do continue your support as it is greatly appreciated!! PopingCherry  – you totally ROCK!! I look forward to bringing you more gossip and more music! XxAces

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Thank you SO Much for everything My New Music Superhero Raychel!!!!!!


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