Exclusive Interview Kai: Music has been with me my whole life!

She is new in the neighborhood! She is beautiful, sexy and has a great voice! She is here to share her dreams with her listeners! She will make you cry, fall in love, sing and dance! She is Kai and she just want to flirt! Take a piece of her diary: “Follow me and my adventurous journey of the music industry and whole world through my eyes, from peers, idols, events, gossip, girl talk and a whole lot more”…. Welcome Kai! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Kai?

I’m a vibrant young singer songwriter from West London, UK, with a big heart, strong mind, feisty tongue and loves music that moves you, physically and emotionally.

Music is a magic journey for the listeners. What inspires you to make music that can touch all of us?

I love creative writing, anything from songs and poems to short stories and I have been told by many that I have a gift of capturing experiences and put them into powerful words. Anything that moves me acts as inspiration from an amazing artists’ performance, to a painful experience of a close friend and I hope that when I write, others can relate to it.

Do you feel that music was always your destination? A dream that is coming true?

Absolutely, I have been writing since I was about 8 or 9 years old so I dream of millions everywhere hearing my songs. Music has been with me my whole life through performances, lyrics, groups or the studio before I took my solo path. I used to sing and belt Whitney Houston ‘I Will Always Love You’ all around the house when I was younger but I was too scared to ever perform even for my family! But over the years I have had many ‘random’ encounters and ‘coincidences’ with music industry folk or celebrities, and I have always felt most comfortable, naturally at ease in the music realm so I do feel this is where the heart lies.

Are you ready to break the pattern of male dominance on the UK RnB scene? Is this something easy? Is it time for girl power?

Indeed, here in the UK there are so many male acts that are really waving the UK flag all over the world, especially in Europe and the US, which is an amazing position for UK music to be in. There are a few great females emerging but I also think there is room for a new artist like myself to step into the limelight with some up tempo RnB with a commercial/ pop twist. I am that female and I am ready.

What reminds you the taste of Dark Chocolate?

A nice sexy black silky dress reminds me of the taste of Dark Chocolate! Haha, don’t ask why xx

Not too long ago you shoot your first video. How you felt during the filming?

This is the 2nd video I have shot, the 1st was for my track ‘Confused’ a few years ago and I was just starting out in my solo career and I was just testing the waters. This time round, I felt so excited, proud, nervous, bold, and fearless all wrapped into one as I could feel the growth in my career. I had a great team around me and the pressure was ON to deliver! Luti Media are great and have worked on a number of huge projects, so I was delighted to be working with 1 of their directors and cannot wait to show everyone what we got up to!

Got a message to share with Poping Cherry?

Yes! Thanks for doing what you do, the content on your blog is great and always fresh so keep inspiring and letting people know what great music is out there across the globe!

Visit Kai @ http://www.kaikaimusic.co.uk/ 

Kai Gallery:

Listen Flirt here:

Kai on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaiKaiMusicFan?ref=ts

Follow Kai @ http://twitter.com/#!/kaikaimusic

Watch the Exclusive Video Message for Poping Cherry:

Thank you SO much my favorite Kai! You are an amazing artist and you became a priceless friend!

(First Published at Dark Chocolate: http://georgios-darkchocolate.blogspot.com/2011/07/exclusive-interview-k-speaks-to.html)


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