The Simpsons VS Family Guy!



Created by: Matt Groening

First aired: December 17, 1989

Channel: Fox

Created by: Seth McFarlane

First aired: January 31, 1999

Channel: Fox


Homer Simpson

(Devoted to his stomach. Believes in beer and chocolate)

Peter Griffin

(Food, drink, Lois, friends. Disaster at work)


Marge Simpson

(Good wife, good mother)

Lois Griffin

(Good mother / sexy/ naughty)


Bart Simpson

(Rebel without a cause? A good son/bad student/good friend)

Chris Griffin 

(Completely socially awkward. A young, strong boy)


Lisa Simpson

(Great daughter/ great student/ musician. Clever)

Meg Griffin

(self-conscious, not popular/ non attractive)


Maggie Simpson

(A beautiful baby. Clever. Good baby. Knows how to use a gun!)

Stewie Griffin

(Clever, sweet/bad/dangerous. Loves sex talk and guns. A killer was born!)


Santa’s Little Helper & Snowball II

(Typical sweet pets. dog and cat)

Brian Griffin

(Dog. A talk a lot/ having sex with women/ writer/ clever/ always in love with Lois/ Stewie is his best friend)

Watch Here The Family Videos:

The Simpsons

Family Guy

Family Gallery

The Simpsons

Family Guy

Family Web

The Simpsons: 

Family Guy:


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