Exclusive Interview Rhonda Thomas: If I didn’t have music… I couldn’t breathe!

Listen! It’s beautiful! Music with great melodies, beautiful lyrics! You want to dance, to see the light! You want to discover the beautiful way of life! What you need is good music! What you need is Rhonda Thomas! “You’ve gotta see the light, it’s there deep inside. If you just open your eyes should come as no surprise”. Enjoy Good Music! Enjoy a Great artist! Poping Cherry presents the wonderful Rhonda Thomas! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Rhonda Thomas?

I am a Soul Jazz vocalist influenced by Gospel, Straight Ahead Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Blues & Funk! I just love true “Feel Good” music with lyrics that evoke passion and truth. I love good food, good music, and warm people. I enjoy gardening, reading, and working out….wait nope, I gotta take that last one out. I have to work out because I need to be healthy, but not really sure that I enjoy working out LOL!

Your album called “Listen”. How can you describe the album? Do you have a message we have to listen?

“Listen” is the title track of my cd. It has a double meaning. The lyrics in the song are spoken from a woman who wants to be taken seriously by the man who says he loves her, but is with someone else. She’s voicing a final plea for him to make a decision before he loses her. I thought it would be cool to relate the title to its basic meaning as well. Close your eyes and really “LIsten” to the lyrics, music, melodies, arrangements, instrumentation, percussive elements, harmonies, vocals & rhythms.

Your voice is magical and your music really special! When someone listening to your music thinks: When music was good Rhonda was there! What do you believe about music today? How important it is to offer good music to your fans?

I think some of the mainstream music is missing the subtleties. Many of the lyrics lack imagination and don’t paint a picture. I believe the true testament of a song is in its longevity. Is it a hit for right now or will it have “staying power”? I do feel that music is changing for the better. Its so exciting to hear artists like Chrisette Michelle, Esperanza Spalding, Jaheim, Ledisi just to name a few, get airplay, have unique voices and deliver the lyrics. I take time to write my lyrics and hope it translates honestly when I perform them. I never want to “short change” my listeners. When people hear Rhonda Thomas I hope they expect quality lyrical content and interesting musical changes that are not typical. Live instrumentation is also important to me. When I perform I encourage interplay with the myself and the musicians as well as the interaction between myself and the audience. I enjoy what I do! We have fun at my shows and I hope the audience leaves feeling full and renewed. I encourage audience participation to the fullest. I have been know to leave the stage and get someone to sing on the mic : )

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? What were your dreams back then and what are your dreams today?

Wow! I started singing at age 7 years and then switched to dancing and musical theatre. I guess I was being groomed to perform. I didn’t know how heavily my parents musical tastes would influence my style. My mother loves jazz, my father loves R&B, Funk & Soul and managed a band that rehearsed in the basement of our home. My father was born in Antigua West Indies and loves Calypso & Socca. I was exposed to all of these styles of music growing up in my house. I suppose I always knew I would be a vocalist. I’m just so happy that I’m able to do what I love! I’m living my dream right now. I’m preparing for greater exposure. I want to perform world wide on a continuous basis. I want to share my passion.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and all the people that love your voice and your music? How important is for you to know that there are people that loves you?

I am humbled that there are people who like what I do. I write based on my own experiences, so It’s really cool when folk are able to relate to my stories. I could easily be an artist who writes for self and isn’t heard. Fortunately, I have a great team of people who believe in me and work with me to get my music out to the masses. It is of utmost importance to me that people enjoy the music. It lets me know that I’m on the right track. Thank you Poppin Cherry for doing what you do to highlight independent artists. It’s essential to keep music alive! If I didn’t have music…I couldn’t breathe!

Visit Rhonda Thomas @  http://www.rhondasings.com/ 

Rhonda Thomas Gallery

Watch Rhonda here:

Watch Rhonda here:

Thank you SO much Rhonda Thomas!!!!!!!


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