Exclusive Interview Nik West: I expect for my music to be innovative and never a carbon copy of anyone else!

Eyes closed…. all senses are awake. You hear a melody that makes you feel good.  Feel the power of music, feel the rhythm. Discover a new artist. She is so good that makes you want to know more about her art. Her name is Nik West! She is really special! Now she is here and she wants to share her soul with us! Just close your eyes and enjoy a wonderful artist! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Nik West?

Nik West is a bassist, vocalist, and most importantly, a problem solver. We need real music again, we need real funk for this generation so I decided to hand it to them wrapped in a new package.

How is to grow up in a house full of music? What do you remember most strongly from your home?

What I remember mostly about my home is discipline. We were very disciplined girls. My mom taught us how to respect everyone and how not to disrespect our elders and talk out of turn. My dad taught us the value of a dollar. What it means and how to use our minds to solve problems and capitalize on our gift and talents. But most importantly, we put God first, we had much faith, and lots of love.

Your album “Just in the Nik of Time” is a really great album full of songs that touch the soul and mind. How you felt during the making of it?

I felt so many different ways during the making of the album. Each and every song reminds me of how I felt at that time. “Wait A Minute”- when that song was written, it was understood that I was tired of being judged by people who thought I got certain perks because I am female. So it was all about speaking my mind to those people. “Forbidden Fruit” is pretty self explanatory lol!, and the interlude “Just In The Nik Of Time” was the last track to be added because everyone wanted to know what the title meant to me. In the beginning of the album process it meant one thing but near the end, JUST IN THE NIK OF TIME meant something totally different.. so I wrote an interlude about it.

 Do you have dreams about the future? Artists that you want to work with? Tours? Performances? What you expect from music and life?

 I do have dreams about the future. Not many but two targeted ones. I really like Calculus and showing others how to understand it so I want to capitalize on that. As far as music is concerned, there are many artists that I would like to work with including Mick Jagger, Prince, John Mayer, and many more. I expect for my music to be innovative and never a carbon copy of anyone else. I would like to hear my songs being covered by artists one day.

Who’s in the mirror when you have your eyes closed? Do you like your reflection in the mirror?

Who is in the mirror? Well, I see an extremely smart and funny gal, and at times very nerdy but I really do like my reflection. I have always been confident in who I am. I have always been self motivated and hungry to take risks. My dad will tell you that he feels like he must watch me the closest because I take too many risks that most people would be afraid to do. … kind of like a superwoman. LOL! But I am definitely NOT superwoman.

Visit Nik West @ http://www.nikwestbass.com

Nik West Gallery:

 Follow her: http://twitter.com/#!/nikwestbass

Get Free Music: http://www.nikwestbass.com/index.php?page=42

Watch Nik West:

Watch Nik West:

Watch Nik West:

The Album “Just in the Nik of Time”  is out NOW!

Thank you VERY MUCH Nik West!!!!!



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