Mary J Blige: What Love Is!

What Love Is….. 

Mary J Blige is a special class singer! She is a unique artist! With separate voice and music that can pull you with her! She is one of the artists you love from the first time you hear them and simply want something new every year! More music pleasure for your life! She is a woman you want to listen with yourself in your room, but also with friends, family and lovers! But you also want to listen all the day that’s why you carry her music with you! Music for every season! Summer in the sun and winter under the rain!  

Mary J Blige is all that and even more! That’s why we love her so much and even more! And we always expect even more music from Mary!

Watch «Seven Days»:

Watch «One»:

Watch «I am»:

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Watch «Everything»:


What’s the 411?

Released: July 28, 1992

My Life

Released: November 29, 1994

Share My World

Released: April 22, 1997


Released: August 17, 1999

No More Drama

Released:  August 28, 2001

Love & Life

Released: August 26, 2003

The Breakthrough

Released: December 20, 2005

Reflections (A Retrospective)

Released: December 12, 2006

Growing Pains

Released: October 31, 2007

Stronger with Each Tear

Released: December 21, 2009


Watch «We Got Hood Love»:



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