Exclusive Interview Dayvid Thomas: You asked who Dayvid Thomas is? I am music!

It’s the first time that you are listening to a song. You like it! The second time you love it! Now you found your favorite song! Now you found a new favorite artist! He is the artist for the people. He is Dayvid Thomas and he is really special! He has created a sound that is new and fresh for the millennium. Poping Cherry is so happy to have Dayvid here! He is talking to us and we enjoy his music! Feel the sound! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is DayVid Thomas?

I am an independant artist that understands that my music is and extension of my soul and that the music lives within me. The music is a gift given to me from the lord to deliver to the masses.  On the daily I am inspired by life and experiences.  I will continue to create music developed by me or a collaboration of fellow artists. Its all about the music not about record deals. You asked who Dayvid Thomas is?  I am music.

You have discovered music at young age. Do you feel that music was always your destination? A dream that is coming true?

Music was introduced to me at a very young age.  Whether it was my family singing church hymns or the first time I heard “With a childs heart” by Micheal Jackson.  I knew music brought forth emotions that I never felt before.  It wasnt until my father introduced me and my brother to three part harmony that I realized when I sang people began to respond.  My original destination was what my family expected of me but music took over its course.  Everyday I wake up I thank the lord for another oppurtunity to live my dream of creating music.

Your new single “It’s Going to be a Good Night” is a song full of passion. A sticky song you want to listen again and again! What inspires you to make music that can touch all of us?

“It’s Going to be a Good Night” came about like many songs that I’ve released.  Our production team D&R created these tracks specifically for the Ground Up team.  When I first heard it I knew this was one I had to do.  But originally it was more of a hip-hop track and the producer “Concrete” as well as my team “The Ground Up” felt it was too up tempo.  I basically begged them to let me write to it.  Thirty minutes later and two hours of recording and the track was born.  The song intales the beginning stages of what will be a good night.  In all aspects from the preperation, to the club scene, to the entire place dancing in unison.  I tend to cater to the female listener.  I dont know why.

Who are your musical inspirations? Artists you want to work with and why? What are your future plans?

My inspirations include artist from Lauryn Hill to D’Angelo.  The showmanship, the vocal range and the professionalism. Is what I admire most about them.  Their ranges and falsetto is what sets them apart from other artists.  Til today I have yet to hear another artist match their caliber.  D’Angelo, you don’t have to ask.  Artist not here, Biggie Smalls.  The greatest lyricist of all time.  My future plans are to continue to create music that people want to hear.  And hopefully listen to for a long time.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for your future?

Just want to thank PopingCherry for the oppurtunity to showcase my gifts.  Make sure you go to iTunes and pick up the new singles and visit me at www.lovedavidthomas.com.  Also on facebook, twitter, and youtube which is all on the website. My ultimate dream is to have my music played in every country on earth.  I expect to create good music, to perform great shows and deliver on my fans expectations.  I am an independant artist and have no plans to run with trends or with what everyone else is doing.  That’s what makes me Dayvid Thomas.

Visit Dayvid @ http://www.lovedavidthomas.com/ 

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Watch Dayvid here:

Thank you very much for everything Dayvid Thomas!!!!


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