Countdown” is the new Beyonce Video taken from the album “4”.  The video directed by Adria Petty, who previously directed the music video for “Sweet Dreams”.

Enjoy Queen Bee!

My baby is a 10
We dressing to the 9
He pick me up at 8,
Make me feel so lucky 7
He kiss me in his 6
We be making love at 5
Still the one I’m going 4
I’m tryna make us 3
From that 2
He’s still the 1

There’s ups and downs in this love
Got a lot to learn in this love
Through the good and the bad, still got love
Dedicated to the one I love.

Still love the way I sing!

Me and my boo!

1+1 = Beyonce!

The Video:

She is The One!


Let’s Party!

King B? QUEEN B!

Oh, killing me softly and I’m still fallin’ for YOU my Queen B!


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