Exclusive Interview Patrice Covington: Don’t be a star… Be a galaxy!

Life feels good right now! We need to release just a little bit more of love, passion, and music! Are you ready to explode? Are you ready to explore a new world? A musical world? We discovered a new artist! She is not just a singer. She is not just an actress! She is more than that! A fabulous artist, a great voice! You have to listen a song…. then a second one and then…. You are in love with Patrice Covington! Poping Cherry proudly presents you our new big star! Enjoy Great Music! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Patrice Covington?

I am the “sassy girl next door”!  I bring a classic style of music with a modern edge and an image that lifts the self-esteem, motivation, and happiness of others.

Your voice is a gift of God! Your music makes me feel happy! How important is music for you and how important it is to offer good music to the world? How do you feel to know that you can offer happiness to the world?

Thank you! (-: To say that good music is a necessity is a huge understatement. Music is my first language and I have been speaking it since a very young age. There’s lots of good music in the world but I want my music to make you feel good! I want you to feel happiness, love, and that you aren’t the only one going through real life issues and you will get through it. I want my music to make people feel better about themselves and life in general. In other words my album will be full of pick me ups. Whether it picks your mood up from the latest break up, puts pep in your step for doing chores at home, or gets you from point a to b on a long road trip, I hope it makes you do it all with smile on your face.

Your debut album is coming soon! How can you describe the album?  Life Feels Good Right Now with you! How do you feel about your life and your art?

Like most, my life has had ups and downs. I’d like to focus on how good it is right now and I want to tell the world about it. I have been through some dramatic things but when I think about my problems and the things I have overcome, I can honestly say that life still feels good. There’s always that silver lining.

How do you feel when you’re on stage before an audience that has come to travel with your music? How different is to be on stage as an actress? How important is for you to perform live? Want to travel around the world to spread your music?

Performing in a Broadway musical theater show is much different than performing my own music. In theater, I am portraying someone else, I am dressed as a character, and I have a cast of 10-20 people on stage with me. When I am performing my own music its much more personal. It’s all me and only me. My music that I wrote, my real clothing, and I’m performing by myself for the most part. I love both of these performances but I am excited to get more experiences of performing my own original music. I aspire to travel wherever the need for feel good music lies.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for your future?

Thank you for welcoming me to the Grecian indie artist world. I am truly honored. Your support of me as a new artist means the world. I look forward to giving you feel good music for a many years to come! “Don’t be a star…be a galaxy!”

Visit Patrice @ http://www.PatriceCovington.com

Patrice Covington Gallery:

Like Patrice here: http://www.facebook.com/sangtrice?sk=info

Watch Patrice here: 

Follow Patrice: http://twitter.com/#!/sangtrice

Watch Patrice here: 

Thank you so much for everything Patrice Covington (Galaxy)!!!


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