Exclusive Interview Oceana: Music Is my Drug!

I remember the first time I saw ‘Cry Cry’ on television. It stuck on my mind immediately. I was singing ‘Don’t let your hopes die, die, die’ in the street all day. The same evening I was searching the web for the song. The lyrics were very touching and the singer with wonderful voice was… magic! From that moment I was a fan of Oceana! Her album was playing all day non-stop at home, at work… on the street! Now Oceana is here and Poping Cherry celebrates the exclusive interview of the Great, Favorite, Sweet, and Talented Artist Oceana! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Oceana?

Is a happy Child 😉 made in Paris Born in Germany 😉 my Mother is German my Father is from Martinique … So I am from here and there. I grew up in a Family Full of Artists …my grandparents are painters my mum is a Fashion Designer and my dad used to Play in Bands and worked As a dj . I Love my Life and Family, I am a Mother i have a very Sweet Son who is 13 months and a lovely man.

You have an amazing voice and your music sound as a dream that came true! 

Thank you! Yes it is a Dream Come true!! I always wanted to become a performer! I Started Dancing very early …later I was singing in a Couple of Bands. I also Played Musical theatre…  im very blessed that I can live my Dream and Express my Feelings through Music! Playing Live shows, Writing Songs listing too good Music is such Beautiful thing Music keeps me alive. Music puts a smile on my face and Makes Me Dance. Music connects the whole World!

How important is music for you? 

I couldn’t live without it … Music always keeps me going. Is my Drug.

How you feel to know that your music can touch so many people around the world?

Im really happy about that.. It really Means a Lot to me that People can relate to my Songs …i didn’t realize how many People know about my Music until i had Shows in all These countries …I got so excited when I heard myself for the First Time on the radio! It just feels so good when a crowd is singing Ur Song .

Cry Cry” was a really big hit. Which is the story of the song? And why you called the album “Love Supply”? What inspires you to create music?

Cry cry .. Is inspired by the Story of an old childhood friend of Mine She.. got into drugs and lost herself in this Crazy dangerous World Of Addiction . I called the album love supply cuz there are a lot of love songs on the album also a Song love supply that I like a lot ,so I just thought :Yeah that Sounds good its the title ! Life inspires me the Beauty of Life  …Love inspires me, my son inspires me the Struggle the ups and downs that we all have my friends concerts and live Music.

What are your dreams and what are your fears?

I Love to Dream I always do … But right now I Feel like im Living my Dream I have a Sweet Family, I can work on my Music I Tour and travel the World meet wonderful People.  I just want it to go on like that, I wanna stay healthy and happy. Right now I don’t have any fears, I just Look at my Son. He is so fearless Im Learning from him…

What you expect from the future?

The Future Looks bright .. 😉 I will Release a New Album very Soon and go back on Tour.

Do you work on something now?

Yes at the moment i am Finishing UP my New Album it’s almost Done. I am really Happy with all the New Songs it was definitely Worth it to take my time …

Do you have a message for PopingCherry and all these fans that accepted your Love Supply?

I Had such a good Time in Greece and I cant wait to Come back! You Guys really enjoy Music and Know how to Party 😉 thank you so much for all your Love and Support …I Will See yall very soon ,

And please become my Friend on Facebook 😉

Smiles and Love Oceana.


Visit Oceana @ www.myspace.com/oceanaofficial 

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Visit Oceana @ www.youtube.com/oceanaofficial 

Watch Oceana here:

Watch Oceana here:

Thank you so much for everything my favorite Oceana!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview Oceana: Music Is my Drug!

  1. I really love her voice and the way she looks. Thx for her App now I can take pictures with her and me. That’s cool.

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