Exclusive Interview Maimouna Youssef: A person, who is inspired, can achieve education and proceed to moving mountains!

The music is inspiration! I love artists who have vision, those who can create musical dreams for me. Maimouna is an artist that I love! It’s amazing that from the first time I listened her music I felt a connection with her! This is the power of music! I feel that I know her and that she knows me, that she creates music just for me! Isn’t this amazing? I found my dreams with her music! Poping cherry presents you an amazing artist! Discover her music! Discover your soul! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Maimouna?

I am a 26 year old singer/songwriter/producer /MC/social activist/ & Mother. I use my gift for music and lyrics to empower, inspire and educate all who choose to lend an open ear and open heart.

Your music has the capacity to “penetrate” in our soul. We can express what we feel through your voice. You are a Black Magic Woman! What can inspire you to create so great music?

I am a very passionate person in all aspects of my life. I am inspired to write by all those things I experience in my life and in the lives of others that touch me deeply.  I am inspired by social issues; by love & by the lack thereof, by spiritual awakenings, by Good music, & nature amongst other things.  Sitting by the river or just in meditation period, gives me the most peace and inspires me to create music that will be good for the world.

“The Blooming” is an amazing album! How can you describe the album? How you felt during the making of it?

The Blooming is a culmination of moods, colors, textures, and feelings I experienced during the time I was writing the album. Every song, once completed, was a pleasant surprise to me. The Album was #Blooming before my eyes. I was definitely a contributor in the making of this album but I was mostly a vessel for this music and message to come through.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Did you know back then that your life would be full of music? Are you happy now that you are in music?

My mother and grandmother who were both singers, were the strongest forced in my child hood years. They trained me to be the artist and Woman that I am today. I always knew that Music was to be my way of life. That was never a question, even as a 5 year old. In the future I look forward to adding film making to my craft in the near future. 🙂

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and everyone else who touched by your music? A promise for the future?

I am so grateful to the beautiful souls who are reading this now, I hope that after listening to “The Blooming” they are filled with so much healing and inspiration to follow their individual callings, and to make this world a more progressive and beautiful place to exist in.

It fills me with so much joy and appreciation to hear people say that they have been moved and inspired by my music. Bob Marley once said “We don’t need education, we need inspiration!” Because an educated person who is not inspired to do good with his education, is no help to the world at all, but an uneducated person who is inspired, can then achieve education amongst other things and proceed to moving mountains!

My challenge to all of your readers Is to never accept mediocrity! Never accept the mundane portraits of conformity. Paint bold, bright, blossoming strokes of color onto the canvas of life everyday and fulfill your calling on the earth at all cost, and Give god the thanks and praise everyday!

Visit Maimouna @ http://mumufresh.com/ 

Maimouna Youssef Gallery

Buy The Blooming here: http://maimounayoussef.bandcamp.com/ 

Listen Maimouna here: 

Like Maimouna @ http://www.facebook.com/maimounayoussefmusic 

Watch Maimouna here: 

Τhank you so much for everything (and for the inspiration) Maimouna!!!!


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