Exclusive Interview Sir Ari Gold: Music continues to save my life!

You need something to inspire your mind, your soul, your spirit and your flesh! You need something to make your body rock!  The Music Takes You in a trip where you can dance, you can feel power, you can dream! You just need the right music, an artist that can take you away. Sir Ari Gold is more than a pop star! He is catchy! He stands Between the Spirit and the Flesh and now he is talking just for Poping Cherry! Fascinate! Feel the music! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Sir Ari Gold?

He is a son, a brother, a friend, a lover and your favorite gay pop star! 

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? What are your fondest musical memories? Who are your musical inspirations?

I remember crying in synagogue when I got the part of Winthrop in “The Music Man”–I was so happy! Playing a role on Jem, singing on the Cabbage Patch album, back-up’s for Diana Ross, getting the Annie dollhouse, playing and filming homemade TV shows with my brothers.  Those are all great memories. Musical inspirations: Madonna, George Michael, Michael and Janet Jackson, Anita Baker, Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Prince…the list goes on!

You new album  “ Between The Spirit and The Flesh” is a great pop album! How important is for you to create beautiful music? How can you describe the album and why you called it “ Between The Spirit and The Flesh”?

Thank you! The title came out of a conversation I had with someone where we discussed being torn between the spirit and the flesh and I just thought that would make a great title and really encompasses everything I was going through and everything I wanted to write and sing about.  Music continues to save my life.  I go where the music takes me.  That’s not just one of my songs, its my way of life.

You were born and raised in an Orthodox Jewish household in the Bronx. Which is your favorite Religion and what means the song My Favorite Religion? What inspires you in life and music?

We just finished shooting the video to that song.  I think that song has a lot of meaning and its one of the kinds of songs that I want to leave open so people can interpret it how they want, but it definitely comes out of my own spiritual and religious journey and trying to find out what matters most to me.

 Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for your future?

If your Sir Ari cherry has not been popped you should start with the new album and then go backwards to Transport Systems, Space Under Sun and my debut.  If you follow me I promise to always make music that stays true to myself so you can see yourself through that truth.  My dream for all readers is that through my music you will find pride in who you are, no matter what you are and you will just “sparkle!”

Visit Sir Ari @ http://www.arigold.com/ 

Sir Ari Gold Gallery

Like Sir Ari @ https://www.facebook.com/SirAriGold

Follow him: http://twitter.com/#!/sirarigold

Watch Sir Ari:

Watch Sir Ari:

Thank you So much for everything (I go where great music takes me) Sir Ari!!!!!


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