Santa is coming with Justin and Arthur this year!

A silent night, a holy night…. the best night of the year! Every year at this time everyone is waiting that night! You feel it in the air! You are talking about the tree (Oh! Christmas Tree!), you wish for snow and you are making the list (Don’t forget to check it Twice)!!!! All the people are dreaming Christmas!

You are dreaming a cold night at cinema. It’s snowing outside but you are safe in front of the big screen! You are with your loved ones and a Christmas movie is about to start! You are ready to feel the magic of the season! This year a new movie is ready to entertain you! Arthur Christmas is the best way to spend a night at cinema! The movie at last reveals the incredible, never-before seen answer to every child’s question: ‘So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?’  Find the answer in a cinema near you!

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Arthur is here:

Every Christmas you love to listen your favorite Christmas music! Oh, God! You can’t remember how many times you played All I want for Christmas is You, your favorite Mariah Classic! Can you believe that this year you will listen a new version of the song by Mariah and Justin Bieber? Justin is ready to make a new Christmas classic album! Under The Mistletoe is the number 1 album of the season! New music and Classic tracks in an album full of quest stars! You have a new Pop Christmas album to listen, to love and to place in your Christmas Album List! You only have to find your favorite song!

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Watch here:

Listen here:


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