Piece Of Art: Emily and Pooh Bear.

Artist: Tiffany C Brawn

Title: Emily and Pooh Bear

Date: December 2008

Medium: Watercolor

“The first time my partner, Randy, invited me to his home he proudly showed me a picture of a little girl on his fridge. “This is my daughter, Emily,” he said. “She is the most important part of my life.” I was impressed by his commitment to his little girl as he showed me the other snap shots of her hung around his home. There was one picture, in particular, that caught my eye…a black and white photo of Emily as a toddler clutching her stuffed Pooh Bear. ‘This would make a beautiful painting,’ I thought to myself. Sometime after Randy and Emily welcomed me into their lives with open arms and open hearts, I decided to paint Emily and Pooh as a Christmas present for Randy. It hangs in our living room now where we can all admire the touching moment that Randy caught with his camera and that I interpreted, years later, with watercolor paint in sepia tones”. – Tiffany C Brawn.

(First published @ Dark Chocolate: http://georgios-darkchocolate.blogspot.com/2011/06/emily-and-pooh-bear.html)


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