A Pray For Lady Gaga!

” Oh God … My Dear God! All these years you’ve been listening to my prayers every night. Now I am kneeling in front of you again! I never asked for glory, money, love or affection. I always felt like a little Smurf lost in Gargamel’s forest. So many times I felt like Azrael was coming for me! But I remained loyal and strong! I saw my best friends marrying rich or beautiful men, and I was alone like Smurfette among so many Smurfs, (although not ever understanding how an entirely blue race had only one woman, but I am off-topic and I need to pray right now). But suddenly a sunbeam shone in calm and my little heart, from that moment on, asked you only one thing every night in my prayer. Tonight I am asking you humbly again: Oh my Dear God please bless Lady Gaga! Send her inspiration to create great music and give me a reason to live! Oh, dear God please understand that her music videos make my heart beat louder! Telephone, Paparazzi and Bad Romance…. Oh, my God! But if you believe that in Alejadro she was blasphemous please don’t blame her! It wasn’t her fault! It was the directors fault! He has to pay for being blasphemous!

Listen my prays and help Lady Gaga to win MTV / GRAMMY’S and all the other awards! Only she deserves this honour dear God!

Please, listen to me my dear God and bless LADY GAGA! “

[Taken from the theatrical play “Ooh! La! La!” by John Vlachogiannis 

Special Thanks to Tiffany C. Brawn]


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