Bjork in My Universe!

As the lukewarm hands of the Gods came down and gently picked my adrenalin pearls i was lost in the moon. I saw you and i thought that you were an elf or maybe a fairy. I thought i was living my own fairy tale and you are my protector. i wasn’t afraid, your voice was calm and rational. May i, can i or have i too often craving miracles. Underneath our feet crystals grow like plants and i know that i am so far away from earth but i feel like i am home! Back then when our universe was an empty sea, we were alone and you came as the water. Your voice flooded the universe and i was standing there like a virus who needs a body, as soft tissue feeds on blood. When i found your love, my nature bowed my head. The perfect match: You and me! Like a flame that seeks explosives i felt the explosion of life and love! It is enchanting doing galactic trips and you were with me as my companion and my mentor! Now i have your “Biophilia” to guide my soul and my mind! Thank you!

Thank you!


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