Exclusive Interview Conya Doss: My son inspired me every portion of the day!

It’s a summer night. Everything seems perfect. One cd plays non-stop. The music touches your mind and soul. It’s Blu Transition by Conya Doss. Her music is an organic experience with sweet tracks (feels like you can taste strawberry jam) and her voice magic (can imprison your mind). You feel that you found everything with her! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

How can you describe your new album Blu Transition? How your child’s birth helped your inspiration?

Blu Τransition is a representation of where I was at during its creation. It’s a body of work that was very therapeutic for me especially during my pregnancy, there were several deaths including my father. Becoming pregnant was quite a surprise. So transitions of giving life and the losses lives were life altering. Both sides of Blue, one being feelings of sadness and the other blue representing heavenly and serenity. So Blu transition has dual meanings. My son brought a balance and motherhood is amazing and surreal for me. My son inspired me every portion of the day.

You write music that can touch our souls. How important is for you to offer good music to your fans?

It is extremely important, as music is a very useful tool that connects experiences that I go through as well my fans. When they are feeling it, it means so much to me that my craft is valued.

You worked as a teacher of children with special needs. Is this something that changed the way you think and create?

Oh yes, it gives me a sense of humility to appreciate every aspect of life and avoid sweating the small stuff.

What dreams do you have for the future?

To continue to create music that touches and inspires. Work on being that best mom that I can be.

What reminds you the taste of Dark Chocolate?

The sweet kisses that I receive from my little dark chocolate drop baby boy!!!!!!

Visit Conya @ http://www.conyadoss.com/ 

Conya Doss Gallery

Watch Conya here:

Watch Conya here:

Thank you SO MUCH for everything Conya Doss!!!! (You are so wonderful)!

(Fisrt Published at Dark Chocolate http://georgios-darkchocolate.blogspot.com/2011/06/exclusive-interview-conya-doss-great.html )



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