Fast Life with Pop Music, Classic Movies and Freud!

Life is fast! Life is beautiful! Life has coincidences! A classic movie meets a pop singer and Freud! Two words are enough! Fast and life! 

Joe Jonas

Joseph Adam “Joe” Jonas (born August 15, 1989) is a Pop American singer, musician, actor, and dancer. His debut album Fastlife was released in October 21, 2011. His single Just in Love is a sticky pop/rnb song! Watch it here:

You’re just running from truth and you fell scared but life is a beautiful journey! Calm down and feel the truth. You live fast and you feel strong!

Love’s even more wild when you’re angry. I don’t understand why you wanna change it.

Visit Joe Jonas @

The Movie:

Fast Life (1932)

Release Date: December 16, 1932

Director: Harry A. Pollard


William Haines

Madge Evans


Life: Freud believed that people are driven by two conflicting central desires: the life drive (libido or Eros) (survival, propagation, hunger, thirst, and sex) and the death drive. The death drive was also termed “Thanatos”, although Freud did not use that term; “Thanatos” was introduced in this context by Paul Federn.

Fast means happening, moving, or doing something at great speed. You also use fast in questions or statements about speed.


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