Exclusive Interview Kia Muze: You can say to a person, “I love you” but if you sing it in just the right way it can have 10 times the impact!

Go back a trip to your childhood. The days you were at home with your family. Your toys, the chocolate cake and your dreams! The weekends were full of love! And then you became what you are. You made your entire dream comes true but you still dreaming! Dreaming of the future full of love, family and great moments! Your life soundtrack is full of beautiful music. Music that makes you dance, sometimes makes you cry and most of the times makes you feel in love! You are looking for new artists and new tunes! We found something special for you! A talented artist that can express your feelings, your dreams and your memories! She is Kia Muze, the new girl in town! She is so sweet, so beautiful, so Amazing! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Kia Muze?  

Kia Muze is the side of my personality that hears and channels music.  We all have many sides.  The day to day me is logical, tends to see things in black and white, and approach most issues like they are some type of math problem. I got my B.A. in Chemistry in college and didn’t have immediate plans for pursuing music then although I was also studying classical voice and singing in the gospel choir at the same time. I started acting under my given name, Kia Glover, but what’s great about acting is that you get to layer yourself inside of a character.  I wanted the music to be something separate that had no boundaries or expectations on it based on who people know or think they know Kia Glover to be.

You started with music at age of 5!Do you believe that you could do something else except music? What do you remember most strongly from your childhood?   

Yes my mother started us on instruments when we were five.  I played violin, and oboe. I believe that its best to start children on music, art, and languages etc when they are young. It becomes an innate ability with them rather then something they have to try to call up or remember. I learned using the Suzuki method during the early years. I think there are certainly other things I could do for a living but I would not be as happy doing them. I have held all sorts of jobs between gigs, from legal billing, to legal proofreading to computer tech support on music software and of course waitressing. If anyone is wondering, waitressing paid the most, and is equally the most difficult 🙂 What I remember the most from childhood was that it was about discipline and schedules. After school was always homework and practicing instruments.  Every day, 5 days a week.  Saturdays when we lived in Washington DC, we had DC Youth Orchestra all day which was also a great experience. What I learned from my childhood is that even if you aren’t the best or most talented at a thing, if you work at it nonstop, you can still do well and achieve success. This is what I try to get across to my young pen pals that link with me on YouTube, and Twitter and Ping. Many of them ask me how they can best pursue their career, not only in music but also in the sciences. I urge them to be diligent and relentless in whatever it is they are pursuing.

Your voice sounds like velvet. Your tunes are beautiful. How important is music for you and how important it is to offer good music to the world? Do you work on something now?

Music is vastly important to me. I look at it as a heightened and more powerful form of communication. You can say to a person, “I love you” but if you sing it, and sing it in just the right way it can have 10 times the impact. Aside from that even if a person cannot catch all of the lyrics they are still moved by the music. I learn this more and more every day through my interactions and feedback with people across the globe. I consider it my mission to encourage and inspire people thru my music. There are songs that express all sorts of emotion out there and I listen to all of them based on my mood, but I really want to focus on songs that offer hope and positivity or at least can examine a bad situation and learn to take the good from it.  I am finishing a full length album now. It started as a 5 song, EP and I now have about 17 songs. They won’t all make the album, but I am starting the editing process now.

You are also an actress. How different is to be on stage as an actress? How important is for you to perform live? Want to travel around the world to spread your passion?

The main difference I find between being on stage as an actress as opposed to singing (not in character) is the fourth wall. When you are acting you are in the situation/scene living moment to moment, you aren’t trying to play to or hype a crowd. As a singer often times you are trying to get the energy of the audience up, or trying to win them and get them on your side. Performing live is exhilarating. Its nerve wracking in the moments leading up to actually getting on stage but once you’re up there, you just give yourself over to it and have a blast. And the more prepared you are, the easier it is. I am so READY to pack my bags and travel around the world singing. Literally, I am ready for a world tour. There is much I want to see, and much I would like to share.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for your future?

My message for Poping Cherry is Kudos to you for your wonderful and stylish work in highlighting independent artists who are working hard to win hearts and minds, one person at a time. I  truly appreciate your efforts. I will be delivering a full length album in 2012 that will hit hard with beats, melody and message. As long as God continues to use me, I am available that He can get the glory out of my life. I am so thankful for all of the people who are allowing me to add to the soundtrack of their lives. I consider it a high honor and a privilege. In the spirit of the season, I want to share my Christmas single with your readers. Its called Christmas Not The Same and it is available for free download at www.kiamuze.com on the Media page. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!!!

Visit Kia @ www.kiamuze.com

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Watch Kia here:

Thank you so much for everything (I believe in you because you are special) Kia Muze!!!!

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