Beyonce: 4 Times In My Universe!

I don’t know much about algebra, but I know 1+1 equals 2! Maybe I don’t know much about chemistry because I’m not a teacher, but I can teach you something, I can make you feel better because I care! I remember the first time I saw you! You were breathtaking! I was charmed from you and your voice! Your voice was my paradise… my whole life! I remember the first time I touched your hand while your were singing to me! Come take my hand, I will love you so deeply till the end of time! And you came! Since then I feel like I am 17. I’d rather die young than live my life without you! Without your velvet voice my heart, my thoughts, my mind, my soul are empty! This year is your year! You start over and give love their wings on 4! 4 times we touched the sky! 4 times we danced in the rain! 4 times we saw the sun going around the moon, 4 times we won! 4 times we traveled in the universe! In my universe! Full of your music, your voice, your icon! This year was your year! The next year will be your year! Every year I say: My baby is a 10, We dressing to the 9, She pick me up we 8, Make me feel so lucky 7, She kiss me in her 6, We be making love at 5, Still the one I do this 4, I’m trying make us 3, From that 2, YOU STILL BE THE 1!

Thank you!


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