My Beautiful Ugly Universe with TwinSpirit!

Escaped inside my fantasy to hide from your reality. Don’t be afraid… I am here for you! Rules and Regulations are not a part of my fantasy, you can set your own rules through your mind trip. You can release your soul and find your truth. Just relax and think your biggest childhood dream. Those days you were free, without regulations. Go back, look at yourself as a child and try to understand how beautiful life is. You were born to be happy, to create, to inspire, to live free! Release all your desires, feel the power of you and take off your cloths. Stay naked and look your beauty. You don’t have to think the rules, everyone is beautiful no matter what the others think! I am listening TwinSpirit’s ‘My Beautiful Ugly’. I AM a fighter, an artist, a magician, I can create my reality! Come with me and feel my beautiful ugly world! Listen this album with me! It’s music that elevates mind and soul. 11 tracks created from a proud artist who is ready to teach you what beauty is, what means music! Feel her voice as she touches your heart, feel the melodies, something between velvet and silk, listen her words, feels like poetry! Are you ready to fly with me? Free your soul and come to live My Beautiful Ugly!

Read her Exclusive Interview here:


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