Exclusive Interview Gravitonas: The process of making music together is so incredibly smooth!

It’s one of those days felt that something will change! All those years you are listening everyone to talk about angels, fate and destiny. You couldn’t believe because you never felt any influence on you. Late in the evening you look at the stars in the sky and dream about your galactic travel! For some strange reason you feel that you belong to the infinite universe and that your alter ego is a star, a lucky star! Are you sure this is not a secret? Is it something we know about nature! Did you finally come from a distant planet? Perhaps it’s time to return! The universe created by God, just like you! The night you were born, a star was born also! Are you ready to discover your alter ego? Are you ready to find your Lucky Star? Are you ready to listen your Lucky song? Are you ready to discover Gravitonas? They are the best thing that happened lately! So proud to have them here! Poping Cherry found a Lucky Star! Poping Cherry celebrates with Gravitonas! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

I look to the east and I look to the west and I bless my lucky star! Which is your lucky star and what does Gravitonas mean to you? Who are you?

We are Andreas Ohrn and Alexander Bard. Andreas is the front figure and lead vocalist and Alexander is the keyboard player and computer musician of Gravitonas, a band based in Stockholm, Sweden. We started playing together in 2010 and have become really successful as a band, and also as songwriters and producers, worldwide in 2011. Out latest hit “Lucky Star” was written for a book, games, and forthcoming movie project called “The Univisible” so I guess you should really ask the author of the project, Fredrik Haren, who his lucky star is, haha.

Your music, your photos and your videos are a piece of pure art! I don’t know someone who can resist to your art! How important is for you to create art? To make a picture (photo/video) for your music? How important is vision to the music?

We have as much fun working on the visuals, like videos and pictures, as we have fun writing and working on our music. So both are equally important. Of course we are primarily musicians who play together in a band, but it is always nice to hear that our visual stuff has great artistic value too. We indeed do our best to make sure this is the case. Especially as there are so few all-male-rock-bands around at the moment with a challenging image. Our main inspirations visually are therefore glamorous male duos from the past like Sparks and The KLF. And we love fashion and often play live at fashion shows and parties, for example the fashion weeks this year in Moscow and Helsinki, where we both performed live.

Which are the most important things you’ve done so far in life and music together and separately?

Andreas began as the front figure of Swedish punk rock band Swedish Amateurs. Alexander has been working as an internationally successful record producer and songwriter for over 20 years with bands like Army Of Lovers, Vacuum, Alcazar, and BWO. So we guess we made a great combination when we started working together in 2010. Andreas brought the guitars (and guitar player Ben Smith) with him. And Alexander brought his synthesizers and computers (and keyboard player Henrik Wikstrom) with him into the process of creating Gravitonas. So the sound of Gravitonas is therefore big synthesizers with some loud guitars.

What do you remember most from the past and what do you expect from the future?

We remember how hard we worked to get where we are now, we truly enjoy the current success and can’t wait to come to Greece to perform live, and we’re looking forward to build our careers as artists, songwriters, and record producers from where we are now and well into the future.

Do you remember the first time you met? How was that? The birth of a new art project were meant to be?

We were actually brought together by a woman named Maria Molin, who runs the SoFo Records label in Sweden (also known as the home of hot new pop queen Alex Saidac) in association with Universal Music. Maria had a gut feeling we would make a good chemistry and although we were both skeptical at first it turned to be absolutely correct. As soon as we began working together in the studio, music came flowing, and our visions and songwriting ambitions fitted perfectly together.

How easy is it to collaborate and how easily new ideas are born?

Very easy. All we need to do is to lock ourselves up into a studio and ideas and music begin to flow. The combination of similar musical tastes and ambitions (sometimes we can’t even tell ourselves whose idea a certain song was since our tastes and talents are so similar) make the process of making music together in Gravitonas so incredibly smooth.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and everyone else who touched by your art?

Please feel welcome to join the Gravitonas Community on Facebook and also check out our home page at www.gravitonas.net. We love to interact with other musicians, and with friends and fans, your feedback and input into our work is invaluable to us! And of course we love to follow Poping Cherry too, it’s one of our favorite pop websites.

Do you work on something new now?

We constantly work on new music projects, both forthcoming releases from Gravitonas ourselves, but also songs and productions and other collaborations with other artists from all over the world. Especiallly Japan, Korea, and China, where we produce and write a lot of hit records at the moment. There will be plenty of new material coming from Gravitonas in 2012, so do follow us and keep yourself updated online!

Visit Gravitonas @ http://www.gravitonas.net/

Gravitonas Gallery

Like Gravitonas: https://www.facebook.com/gravitonas 

Follow Gravitonas: http://twitter.com/#!/gravitonas 

Watch Lucky Star:

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Thank you SO MUCH for everything (my LUCKY STARS) Gravitonas!!!!!


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