Rihanna You Da One In My Universe!

You’re the one that I dream, the one that I want to see every day, the one that I love and I want to spend every moment of my day! I’m so lucky that you came into my life suddenly but it was our destiny! One rainy day I walked without any umbrella as usual and I saw you across the street to hold your umbrella. You looked at me and I smiled at you.

I wanted to go underneath your umbrella and stay there as long as you wanted! I crossed the street quickly without fear, I had lost track of time and space. I was worried only for you! You became the center of my world!

A few days later we went to the theatre, we saw a show that you really liked. I was Hamlet and you were Ophelia! We danced beneath the umbrella, and laughed! When we left I said: I love you! Since that day we are together, I follow you in your dreams, I want to make the world a better place for you! You are the One that I dream all day!

Thank you!!!!


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