Exclusive Interview Isaiah Grass: Music is My Final Destination!

In the beginning of a new year all you need is hope. You can’t stop dreaming of a better life full of happiness! You are sure that this will be your lucky year! You wake up, you open the window and looking at the sun…. Oh, God! It’s so beautiful! What you need? Music! Music is a piece of your day, a piece of you! You are listening to a song that makes you feel better. It’s a pop song that expresses your feelings. It’s Isaiah  Grass, a new talented artist that you discovered on the web! He is gorgeous! His first single was I’m a Freak. Well, sometimes you feel like a freak but not today! But you like this rhythm, you can dance alone, you can feel the beat! So, you play that song on repeat and you are ready to go! It’s 9 in the morning and you have so many hours to live, to feel, to dream! Good Luck! Poping Cherry presents you a new, special artist, the first for the New Year! Read, Listen and Dream On! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Isaiah Grass?

From the professional point of view if you ask me… Isaiah Grass is a young American pop singer, recording artist and songwriter. I am someone who does not follow trends when it comes down to my music. I am also a professional model. From the personal point of view, I am your typical 21 years old guy that’s likes to hang out with my friends, girlfriend and have fun.

As a child you were a part of the church choir. You were singing in charity events, school assemblies, and talent competitions. What do you remember most strongly from your childhood?

One of the best memories I have is about my dad, he was (and has always been) my biggest support. He took me to all of my events and I have too many memories of us driving to the events.

What were your dreams back then? Do you feel that music was always your destination?

I always dreamed of hearing my own lyrics on the radio, and yes music has always been in my heart & soul now it’s my final destination.

Your music is from your soul, your experiences and comes to express who you are. You can touch our souls and our experiences. How important is to share your soul and your dreams with us?

I believe the ability to touch others with my music is EXTREMELY important because music has its own language and allows people to share emotions we sometimes keep locked in by ourselves.

You are working on your first album right now. How can you describe the album? What inspires you to create this album and what do you expect from the listeners? Do you feel that you can Cover Up Our Flaws?

As an up and coming artist, I am experimenting with a variety of genres… My new album is based on my personal experiences as well as what I believe relates to others. No one can really “cover up your flaws”… it’s a personal choice.

You are also a model. How easy is to make people forget the look and focus to your music?

Modeling can be at times be very superficial. Pictures can be air-brushed and touched-up to make you look your very best. However singing Live you are TOTALLY exposed… you can’t hide, raw talent will be seen or lack of it WILL be exposed.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for the future?

Well, First of all, I want to Wish everyone a Happy New Year, It is awesome to be the first singer interviewed by you guys… Well, after viewing Popingcherry blog I realized they cover a wide range of artists whose popularity I would one day like to be apart of. For that reason, I hope I can count with the support of the viewers and fans of your site.

I would also like to say that I am currently working on 2 new tracks, I am pumped about them because (In my opinion) every guy and girl out there will relate to my lyrics, they are very upbeat and “catchy”. I hope my fans share the same feeling I have about my latest singles.

Like everyone who will read this I too want to be successful at the career that I have chosen.  My first album is expected to be completed in early 2012.. This album will be available in stores before next Christmas.

Visit Isaiah @ http://www.isaiahgrass.com/ 

Isaiah Gallery

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Follow: https://twitter.com/isaiahGmusic

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Thank you SO MUCH for everything (You are not a freak, you are our best luck) Isaiah Grass!!!!


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