Exclusive Interview Oh My! : We Will give you pop with a dose of attitude!

Oh, My! You’re ready for that date! You believe that you will have a great night! Are you sure? Well, he is coming at home to pick you up with his grandmother’s car! You are thinking: What? Well, you go at the bar and you see a tab with your name at the bar! Barman says: Hello! You say: Oh, My! You are drinking and you feel crazy! You can’t believe that you came out with a dudd! You are trying to forget him while you are on the dance floor! You can’t wait to go home! Then he comes and says: You should pay for your drinks! What? You pay, you leave and you go at your best friend’s house! You say: I had a Bad Date! You stay there, you are drinking, you are talking and you are listening to your favorite song! Bad Date by Oh My! They are a new pop group that express your feelings, your crazy world! Poping Cherry had a really Great Date with Oh My! They are ready to make you dance and follow your best dates ever! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

This is a Bad Date? Or a Great Date? You are Alex and Jade and you run this town! Oh My! Who are you? And what means Oh My for you? Do you remember the first time you met? How was that?

We are a cheeky Girl duo, named after our favourite song from when we were kids; ‘Oops Oh my’ by Tweet ft Missy Elliot…

First time we met was up in Leeds, my first day in the new student house, I heard a bang on the door, then in trotted Jade with her little dog! We soon realized that we had a great connection!!

Your music is POP! You can Pop out our soul and mind! I can’t find someone who can resist on your beat! How important is for you to rock the world?

We certainly do need to rock the world, I think its time for the world to open up and let something fresh new and different in! But until then were just gonna continue making irresistible beats and witty lyrics!!

Which are the most important things you’ve done so far in life and music together and separately? What do you remember most from the past and what you expect from the future?

Alex – I think college was so important in my life, I learnt a lot and that helped me to get where I am now, I really hated it, and a few bad experiences there which shaped me as a person and changed my goals.


Together: everything from our gigs to this interview, to our Oh My! fans, because we need it all to get to where we wanna be!

What inspires you to create music? What inspires you in life, in music, in the world?

Hearing music that we love and music that inspires us! We want to be able to inspires our listeners in the same way.

There’s a lot of things that inspire us, but sometimes they’re gloomy and its not always a good idea to sing about that because we wanna make people feel upbeat when they hear our music!

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for the future?

Our dream is that our music blows up and is all over the charts this year! We’ll give you pop with a dose of attitude, hahaha!! 2012 is gonna be a good year… And hopefully well chat again soon to do some more cherry popping!

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Thank you SO much for everything (Alex & Jade The Best Date Ever!!!) Oh My! We will have more Pop & Cherry!


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