EJ: Mama, I’m Gonna Sing Official Video!

Swedish born, London based singer, EJ, is about to storm onto the internet with her debut single Mama, I’m Gonna Sing. This punchy, semi acapella, track may only be just short of 2 minutes but it packs a punch. EJ’s soulful vocals power through the stripped back military drum loop and embed the melody in your head.

With simple back drops and a minimalist finish all the focus is left on EJ and her army of duplicates. With the numbers increasing the video culminates in EJ’s army marching to her every beat.

The single has already been played by DJs accros BBC 1Xtra, Kiss and Radio 1, along with remixes from some of the hottest names like Jamie Jones, Pete Tong and Savage Skulls. Expect to be blown away from her future anthems ‘Bangers & Mash’ and ‘Supersize’ coming in 2012.

Read the Exclusive EJ Interview here:


Watch the Video:

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