Exclusive Interview CosmoBrown: I’m a huge melody lover!

A new day just started! Let’s Catch the sun! Let’s party all day! We are feeling alright, we have free spirit, we need to spin around the world with friends and lovers. Life is beautiful and colourful, music starts! Play it again Mr DJ! This song makes me feel happy. “Quarter in the Slot”, oh, what a rhythm! Play it all day while I am dancing in the streets! I am not going anywhere, I am staying where the music is! Pop makes the people come together in craziness! Pure, Great, Sticky, Sweet Pop Music! His name is CosmoBrown and he is the new Popman in our music world! He is full of energy and he shares really great music with our mind and soul! Play it again and again! Don’t stop till the next morning! Life can be a party! All you need is willingness, positive mind and beautiful music! Are you coming with us? CosmoBrown is on the stage again! This is The Party of our life! Just relax! Life is a non-stop party! Let’s live it together! CosmoBrown stops music and shares his thoughts with Poping Cherry! You have to read his words! We proudly present you Pop! Enjoy it! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is CosmoBrown?

I’M Cosmobrown ! I’m a singer/songwriter/producer from Paris,France. I love great pop melodies, tasty food, feelgood times with the ones I love, hanging around naked at home, Catherine Deneuve, the ecology and The Simpsons.

Your debut album is out! How can you describe the album? How you felt during the making of it? How important is for you to create good music?

I had to form a band to promote an ep I had out at the time. We worked and arranged my songs, played them live, recorded the album, mixing my electro pre-prod with our live sound. It was a nice collective adventure. We found the right guy to mix it and released it ourselves first. The feedback was really good and a national tv playlisted the video for our single “I’m Only Playin’With Ya” for 3 months. I’m very proud of this record, it’s a feel good album, you can dance to every song and it shows the great diversity of my influences as well as why I chose to work with each of my musicians at the time. We share that deep love of music, melodies and great artists. So, listening to it, you’ll travel through space and time, from The Beatles to Pharrell Williams, from Donna Summer to Franz Ferdinand !Making it was a great experience, everybody was eager and happy to participate. Cherry on the cake was having a lot of our Parisian pop fellows come and sing some backing vocals, people we respect like Tahiti Boy, Kolja, Chateau Marmont, Chicros, Gush, Birdpaula, … I also had a ball watching Ana Rago in the studio provide her stunning vocals for our duet “Switch Me On”.. Lots of fantastic memories. Creating good music 🙂  Well you’re putting your finger on a crucial one here. Call it.. My goal in life 🙂 I mean, humbly, but really that’s why I tried writing a song in the first place. I’m a huge melody lover. I spent days trying to find a new song that would break my heart or make me feel like jumping around on the radio. And I figured I couldn’t afford to risk months without a new thrilling song. So I decided to invest myself personally! Music is crucial to the world. In the end, if I can move people with a song like Paul MCCartney or Stevie Wonder have moved me, I’ll be the proudest man.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? What were your dreams back then? What are your fondest musical memories?

I lost my dad when I was 3 and I was a very independent and busy child, open to everything, very obsessional with what I liked. I had friends and I loved having friends but I was never bored when I was by myself. Music was always in my life, thanks to my mom, who played essentially classical music, Mozart, Schumann… and to my older brother who, I guess, I owe my love for pop as he made me discover The Beatles or Supertramp when I was 5. I bought my first record when I was 10, with my pocket money. And I started buying tons and get obsessed with music altogether when I got to Dublin when I was 12. Back then, I mostly wanted to become a teacher. And when I was 15, I was with this friend in school who told me she had written a song. She gave me the idea of trying. I got back home, pressed my fingers on the piano and started singing. A song came out. I thought” Fantastic !”, I can do it, I love doing that ! And from that time on, I never stopped. My fondest musical memories are songs that killed me. “There must be an angel ” by Eurythmics was a shock. That song drove me crazy, I listened to it over and over, never got enough. It was the first time a song did that to me. We’ve all had that obsessive song, haven’t we? … Albums too. Sometimes, they seem to stick to your life so perfectly. Like you feel the band totally understands what you feel deep inside your heart. That happened to me quite a few times. I remember this Dodgy album “Free Peace Sweet”.Fantastic pop record. It was the soundtrack of my life at the time, really was. And of course live performances. Stevie Wonder playing a 3-hour concert, the greatest party I’ve ever been to. And of course MY musical memories. But that’s way too long an issue 😉

Do you have dreams about the future? Artists that you want to work with? Tours? Performances? What you expect from music and life?

I’m having a fantastic time writing, producing and pre-mixing my new album right now. My favorite moments in music, truly. So I do have a dream. The dream that this album is gonna be a massive success !! It’s a totally personal album. Pop melodies as ever. But vintage Electro and old school hip hop are massive influences here….  I’m also dreaming of the gigs. I hope to travel the planet with this record. Meet as many people as can be. Share my music with them and have an amazing time together.  I would love to work with so many people I guess. Write and produce songs for singers I truly admire. Share great musical moments. And sure I’d love to have the opportunity to collaborate with Phil Spector..or Mark Ronson…or Pharrell someday I’m a very positive and optimistic person. So I guess I want to help humbly make the world a better place with my very modest contribution. I’m dreaming of a freeer world. Of a far more tolerant world too. Right now, I’m very sad with the way things are going. All this lousy cynicism. But I’m confident the people won’t stay passive forever.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us?

Yes, please visit my tumblr page , all my influences and messages are here ! Updated daily and full of surprises and exclusive Cosmobrown content. http://cosmobrown.tumblr.com/ You might as well join my facebook page, all the infos on the upcoming album and gigs will be there  https://www.facebook.com/pages/COSMOBROWN/8141132665 My message to you is on video, please take a look ! Take care everyone ! And LOVE one another 😉

Follow CosmoBrown @ https://twitter.com/#!/CosmoCosmoBrown 

Buy Music here:  http://itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/cosmobrown/id290937545

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Watch the Exclusive Message:

Thank you So Much for everything (Mr. POPMAN) CosmoBrown! You Rock!!!


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