Exclusive Interview Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: I am straight shooter! No games!

You see her coming and she can change the game! In a world full of problems here she is! A different kind of girl! She is a stunning fashionista and a provocative trendsetter. She is so clever, she is so sexy, she is really bold and she is very beautiful! Actually when it comes to Steffy Forrester, things are going crazy! You can’t miss a moment! You stay tuned for her next trick! Welcome to the world of the most bionic, classical, endless family! Welcome to world’s biggest Soap Opera! Here Steffy rules the fashion world! You just love her maybe because Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is awesome! A young actress that stood out from the first moment because of her beauty and her talent! When the screen fills with her face you want to step into her world! She is very young but she is already a big star! The future belongs to her because she has a lucky star, or maybe because she is A Lucky Star! Steffy rocks “The Bold and The Beautiful” and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood rocks our world! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Jacqueline’s exclusive Interview! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood?

I am straight shooter no games. Love challenges and forging ahead in the face of naysayers. Acting and Music r my passions and will always strive to hone my skills at both.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Who was your favorite comic character, your favorite fairy tale?

My mom always telling me not to ever allow others to define me not even her.. I always had a good sense of self. My dad taking me on the back of his Harley and making me feel so cool when he would drop me off at school. I luved Beavis and Butthead. The little mermaid think I wore out video as I made my parents play for me at least 5x a week.

The Bold and the Beautiful is the most-watched soap in the world with million viewers everyday. How feels to be a part of this success? To know that every scene you do will touch million viewers next week? How important is to have fans all around the world and be in touch with them?

The show has been around as long as me and was a great feeling landing the part of  Steffy Forrester in such a successful soap opera. BB fans are very loyal as I found out when I went to Italy and South Africa they came out in droves to see us. I keep in contact with many of them on facebook. They keep grounded and give me the best advice.

What are your dreams and what are your fears? What you expect from the future?

I once wrote that I want “No Apologies at least I tried my best:” on my tombstone. I love to dream big but I wont just sit around dreaming and not doing because there is a fear of failing.

Do you have a message for Poping Cherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise?

Check out AFTER Hours and let me know what think.. 🙂

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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Gallery

Thank you SO much for everything (You Are A Lucky Star) Jacqueline MacInnes Wood!


9 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: I am straight shooter! No games!

  1. I love my favorite B&B star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy. She is a fan bloody tastic singer Wihoooo! not just a talented actress but also such a damn good singer. She definitely has talent. Good on you Jacqueline for releasing your first single. After Hours is a great song. You are such a beautiful and talented singer. Good luck I hope your first single sells so many copies and if you have an album out I will buy it. I will so support you. You should be so proud of yourself. For being such a great singer you score a big fat 1000 out of 1000 from me. I love you. Love from your biggest fan Tiffany Henderson. xxxx

  2. I think you would make the perfect Anastaisa Steele in the new movie based on the book Fifty Shades of Gray, PLLEASE CONSIDER!!

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