Exclusive Interview diSanto: I want to influence the world… in a good way!

Welcome to a world where you can be who you wanna be! There is no good here, there is no bad also, no wrong or right. Are you ready? Let’s begin! He walks into the room and all eyes are on him. Who is he? You look at him and you feel that you know him, you have a great feeling. You go close to him and he whispers something to you. You know that you are not alone. This world is full of happy people and he is the chief! A King without crown, but a King with confidence. He knows that by doing nothing he is giving a lot. He teaches you what life is! Don’t stop the music! Life is a party! diSanto is your mentor! He is an incredible songwriter, singer, dancer and actor! He is here to make you feel what life is! Poping Cherry presents you diSanto!  He is obviously aware that he is the center of attention but he is your King! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Disanto?

I am what you see in my videos, what you listen in my music.  But there is much more about me than just sex.  I am a human being.  A brother, a son, an uncle, a friend.  Even though I have a different way of seeing the world and for many people it may seem obscene but I still have feelings and want to help people.  I do want to make the world a better place.

Your voice is filled with passion. Your music is really addictive! How can you describe your music and how important is to offer good music to the audience?

Thanks for the compliments regarding my voice and music. My music is injected with heavy dance tracks and popping electronic beats that lures people into a world of temptation, carnality and pleasure, a place where people can let go and be themselves.  As a songwriter and artist it is very important to release material that is to the standards I’ve done before and If I’m not happy with the result I won’t release it because my fans deserve the best of me. That’s my commitment to them.

You started singing in the church choir at the age of eight. What do you remember most strongly from the choir and your childhood? What are your fondest musical memories? Who are your musical inspirations?

In the church choir I got very nervous when I had to sing a solo in front of people.  Even though I loved the attention I have always been a perfectionist and I only wanted to give the best performance. I didn’t think I sang that good but people would reach out to me and congratulate them, even professionals in the music industry.  It was a good feeling.  I just stood up there and gave my heart to the people.  I remember when a Producer called me to perform at the most prestigious venue in Puerto Rico and as a kid I was so terrified but at the same time so happy because it was such an opportunity to be able to sing there and it being aired on TV as well.  I have many inspirations for different aspects of my person.  As a songwriter I admire very much people like Desmond Child, Robi Rosa, Rafael Esparza, Lady Gaga, Max Martin, Adele… as a singer I admire many other people like Marc Anthony, Beyonce, Michael Buble, Adele, Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson.  You can always learn something from everybody… even the bad ones hehe.

What is the most important moment for an artist? You enjoy most to create a new song or to be on stage? What you expect from the future?

I love songwriting and what I love the most is when they give me the final product after it being mixed and hearing the final creation.  That moment of finalizing what began with a melody is very motivational for me.  I do love performing as well and I will love it even more when I go on tour and prepare a whole production because I love big productions.  For my future I want no less than to spread my music over the world.  I want to influence the world… in a good way.  To help people grow out of their shells and let go.  Because it is ok to let go.  Hopefully my music will go that far that people will listen to me.

Do you have a message to share with PopingCherry and all the people that love your voice and your music? How important is for you to know that there are people that loves you?

To all the people in Poping Cherry I want to thank them for taking interest in interviewing me.  It really means a lot to know that there are people that love my music because it is what keeps me going.  Without your words and encouragement there is no Disanto.

Visit Disanto @ http://iamdisanto.com/  

diSanto Gallery

Listen Disanto:

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Thank you SO Much for ererything diSanto (You are A Dance King)!!!!!!


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