My Gaga Universe!

Hello, Hello baby… You called…. I can’t hear a thing…. I have got no service in my Gaga Universe! Only when she calls to me I am ready! I was lost for a long time but finally I found my self! Midnight rush, with a pen in my hand and you on my cd player! I am writing, I am creating, I feel stronger, I am ready to follow my dream. Ooh, La, La! I discovered my Gaga Universe a long time ago! Remember the first time I told you: Just Dance baby and hold me, love me, let’s play a Lovegame! My blue hair? Don’t care about my hair, some people can’t understand the colors, but that’s me, I am not a freak, it’s me, I am my hair, I feel so free as my hair! I remember the first day that I changed my hair and people thought that I was out of space. I was laughing, I was proud and I was inspired! You too! STOP! Feel the music, it’s like blood in my veins, it’s my heartbeat…. Music is my life! I was here, waiting for you to give me hope! I don’t care about the others, they want to see me fall down, but I won’t!  I don’t want no Paper Gangsta, won’t sign away my life to someone who is not better than me! Because I don’t accept any less than someone just as real, as fabulous, as You! Let’s have some fun, let’s work on the next level! I think that now it’s time! I feel ready, I am stronger! Can you feel my power? I feel yours! Together we are Team! A Gaga team! We are The Best and we can spread our Power to the whole Universe! Are you ready my Lady? 3, 2, 1…. GO FOR IT!

Thank you!!!!


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