Exclusive Interview Shontelle: Music Is Life!

Nothing feels right when I am not with you. It’s so hard when the night falls, so I wear my favorite t-shirt and I go out, I am looking for you, I know you are out there, the night is young and your light is there to show down on me. Now i run and run….  You are my Superwoman and I focus on you! And finally you are there, looking at me…. Oh! God! You are so beautiful! I feel hypnotised, I am coming to you and the night shines! A song, a glass of wine and the party started! Life is so beautiful! I am playing your favorite song again! Our friends are here, they are waiting for the next level! Your voice touched our heart, your music follows our dreams! From Barbados to our music world! Shontelle is a unique artist! She makes our music world better! And I feel so happy that she shares her light with me, with you, with the world! Poping Cherry Proudly Presents Shontelle! A unique moment, a Beautiful Interview! Enjoy it! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Shontelle?

I am Shontelle. A fun-loving, bright-spirited, motivated, hyper-active beach-girl from Barbados, who loves nothing in the world more than music. I have 2 younger sisters and 2 loving parents who separated when we were young. I was on the National swimming and track-and-field teams and the captain of my school’s lawn tennis team. I reached the rank of Officer during my years in the Cadet Corps of the Barbados Defense Force. I majored in Law and Philosophy at University. But despite all this, I left my home, my family, my entire life behind, to pursue a career in music in New York City.

“Sontelligence” and “No Gravity”. 2 wonderful albums made by such a wonderful artist. Your voice is a gift from God. Your music can express our feelings, our soul…. How important is this for you? Do you feel responsible to offer beautiful songs to the listeners?

This is the most Important thing in the world to me next to Love itself. I feel that it is my calling and that I was born to do this. I have always dreamed of this. Every day of my life since I can remember, I always sang in the mirror and danced in my room. I always wrote songs and poems. I always knew that this was why God put me here. I would watch Bob Marley and Michael Jackson concerts over and over. I knew my purpose in life was to make people feel how they made me feel. To be the voice of those who cannot find the words to speak. To let them know they are not alone. I am so thankful for this blessing. Every day of my life that passes, if I do not feel like I have helped someone or shared something or given of myself, I do not feel worthy of being here…

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Did you know back then that your life would be full of music? Music lovers are very happy to have you in music! Are you happy now that music is your life?

I am so blessed to be able to do what I do. I give thanks every day. I come from a musical family so singing and music always came naturally to me. I used to go to watch my aunt perform with her band on weekends. I even joined her band for a short time before I moved to NYC. I enjoyed performing more than anything. I knew for sure this was what I was born for. Without music in my life I would be miserable. There is no place without rhythm. No place without sound. It is like air. To live without music is the same as to not live at all. MUSIC IS LIFE. I can’t seem to go 5 minutes without singing. From my childhood, my strongest memories are of me being shy and trying to sing literally in the closet. I thought if no one can see me, maybe they can’t hear me either. So I would sing at the top of my lungs and imagine a big stage and a big crowd and thousands of people all united as one. One voice. One day my mother walked in, opened the door and surprised me. She said, “Shontelle, sweetheart. Why are you hiding? Why are you hiding the beautiful voice that God gave you? Please come out and sing. Sing loud! The neighbors can already hear you. One day, the whole world will…” I will never forget that. That changed my entire life. From that day I knew I would never stop until I could bring truth to my mother’s words.

How do you feel when you’re on stage before an audience that has come to travel with your music? Do you like traveling and sing around the world? Do you work on something new now?

When I’m on stage it is like suddenly being in a different world. It is a very powerful experience. All of these people have come to see you and you have traveled many miles just to be in front of them. To be at their mercy. I will travel any distance for my fans and supporters. Without them, I have no life. I have seen many fans travel from a whole different hemisphere just to hear me sing for 1 hour. That is the most humbling feeling. Every time I sing, I know it brings joy to someone’s heart. I know they can feel my words and I know it is helping them in some way. Right now I’m working on my third album, writing and producing for other artists, working with a few charities and doing lots of touring. I’m also getting a chance to explore my fashion and design skills as I’m about to launch a new line of boots with CAT Footwear (Caterpillar). Check it out!  http://shoes.tv/ankle-breaking-news-cat-footwear-autumn-winter-2012-90808

Do you have a message to share with PopingCherry and everyone that felt a connection with you, your voice and the beautiful music you make?

Thank you from my heart for all your love and support and I hope that my music makes your heart smile.

You can be anything you want to be… ANYTHING.

Believe in YOU or no one else will.. and keep moving forward…


Visit Shontelle @ http://shontellemusic.com/ 

Shontelle Gallery

Shontelle Videos

Watch Say Hello To Goodbye

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Thank you SO MUCH for Everything Shontelle! Your voice touched my heart, your music follows my dreams! You are a Beautiful Music Angel for me!!!!!


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