She is Angelina!

She is the light on the screen, she is captured in a scene and she follows your heartbeat… She is a flower to your life garden playing with your feelings, your dreams, and your thoughts…. She is a Princess, she is your Personal Queen! CUT! You are on the theater, turn off the lights, the screen is on fire! Her face captures your mind, her voice talks to your heart…. This is what makes her what she is! When you look at her it feels like heaven, you wanna scream, you feel happy, you are full of positive feelings! Say her name again and again! It’s like a little prayer! Sometimes when you watch a movie you feel that you found a new friend, a sister, a mother…. A STAR! Can you remember the first time that you saw Angelina? It was like you already knew her! She wasn’t just your new favorite actress, she was something more! The boys, the girls, your friends, your enemies…. they all like Angelina, she gives us images, feelings, tears, laughs, dreams with her beautiful eyes! She is a beautiful woman, a great actress, a wonderful human being! She is Angelina!

Thank you!

(Photos: Marie Claire)


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