Katy Perry Lead me into the light!

There’s a stranger in my bed, Oh God how? I see glitter all over my room and 4 pink flamingos in the pool… Am I crazy? Oh, no! I am so hypnotizing, I feel like I am floating, I need to scream! Is she here? She is an artist from the past with a touch of tomorrow. She is from a whole another world just like me! I told her: Infect me with your loving, feel my heart, touch my head, fill me with your poison. My friends think that I am an Alien…. They feel strange when I am here, they need to relax, because today I am leaving for my Universe, a new Planet, a new Life! I am your personal E.T! I am on my Spaceship! A Big Yellow Spaceship ready to blow my mind, my body and my soul! Can you travel to my different dimension? Can you sing my song? I am ready to go…. All I need is your magic touch! You are my lucky star! Katy for you I’ll risk it all! Fly Away!

(Photos: Interview Magazine)

Thank you!


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