Keep It Sexy Simple with Mya!

Grammy Award Winning singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, dancer and choreographer, actress and philanthropist, Mýa, released her New Album K.I.S.S all over the world!!!!

“I’m so happy to be able to finally offer K.I.S.S. to my fans everywhere around the world,” said Mýa who recently galvanized audiences across the U.S. with her stunning performances on the hit television series Dancing With The Stars. The international version of K.I.S.S. includes two brand new bonus tracks, “Love Is The Answer,” produced by Cedric Gervais and “Mess Up My Hair,” which features Beenie Man, one of Jamaica’s most beloved performers.

With additional guest stars like rapper Trina, Marques Houston, Spice and Sean Paul, K.I.S.S. is an eclectic collection of tracks that range from pop leaning selections like “Fabulous Life” and “Rear View Mirror,” to hip hop club bangers like “Earthquake” and “Mess Up My Hair.” “Take Him Out” is a straight up dancehall inspired jam, while tracks like “Mr. Incredible” and “Love Me Some You,” embody the smooth R&B vibe that Mýa’s fans around the world have come to expect from the Washington DC native.

Want more? Visit her official website, listen and buy the new album and stay tuned for more K.I.S.S on Poping Cherry!



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