Julie Dexter: The New Again Video!

I feel new again! I want to be better, I want to be stronger! Something changed…. Something New Again! This is Julie Dexter’s FIRST EVER OFFICIAL VIDEO feat. ATL’s own Winston Warrior & Brenda Nicole, directed by Alex Magana! Julie shared her thoughts: “The joys of Motherhood and being an Artist, I wouldn’t change it for anything, ‘Mommy you look beeooooootiful’ my daughter told me beaming after watching my video. I was debating whether to show it to her or not because I thought the concept might be a little too mature for her but of course she totally got it, even the whole reverse effect. She’s so smart and I LOVE HER so much”. This is a really beautiful video! Enjoy the video and the song!

Visit Julie and buy Music @ http://www.juliedexter.com/

(Read the Exclusive Interview here: https://popingcherry.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/exclusive-interview-julie-dexter-everything-is-not-for-everyone/ )


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