Exclusive Interview Winston Warrior: I am just a regular Southern dude fortunate enough to sing!

It’s a beautiful spring morning. The sun smiles at me, I feel different…. I feel better! I am ready to love, I am ready to hold you, my love is ready for you. I remember the days I was ready to loose my mind, I was fragile but now I can see you in the park. I walk with you and I feel lucky! We are at the concert now. Listen! This is my song! I Am Ready 2 Love…. I can see your face, you are smiling. This is the first day of a new life and we celebrate it with Winston Warrior! He is back and he is better than ever! His music is vintage, he can touch our souls today and everyday! Poping Cherry proudly presents a great artist! Play the music, feel the passion and welcome to his world! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Winston Warrior? 

I find this to be an incredibly difficult question to answer because it forces me to think of myself in ways that I find limiting. Yes, I’m an artist, friend, brother, songwriter, and all of these other one-word descriptors, but ultimately that doesn’t really tell you anything about me. I am evolving and growing every day, as we all are. I hope that the Winston Warrior of tomorrow or even ten years from now is very different, than who I am today. The only thing I know for sure is that both Winston’s will always be pursuing their dreams, just like I am today.

Your album “Lifeology 101” is a really beautiful album with timeless music. How important is for you to create beautiful music? How can you describe the album and how you felt during the making of it? 

Lifeology 101 is really what I call Vintage R&B because it is timeless; just like the old school soul music from back in the day. Timelessness to me is all about creating an experience that everyone can relate to.  That is why I was inspired to make for Lifeology 101. The songs are current with today’s musical trends and at the same time classic because the messages are all about love, perseverance, heartbreak, self-worth. Everyone can relate to these stories at some point in their lives. It all came about very organically though, from a very personal perspective, which I think is the space most artists create from. Lifeology 101 is my actual life, my story; creating it was like revealing a journal. So it was a therapeutic process in many ways and also very euphoric because this is the dream I have been working toward my whole life.

The Phoenix is ready to be reborn. You “lost your virginity” to the music industry in the ‘90s as a member of a group but now you are back as a solo artist. How different is this? How easy was to find the strength to pursue your musical dream by your own? 

It is so different because I am a man now, not a “youngin'” trying to make it big. Despite the challenges, I am really grateful for the lessons I learned while in Lo’ Profile. It was a hard time but it prepared me for round two. I have a more mature perspective now and of course more experience in business, the music industry, marketing and just life in general. All of this I am able to bring to the table and leverage in a way that is advantageous for me; whereas less experienced artists don’t have that same advantage.

Regarding strength, you know life has a way of reminding you of what’s important. I definitely pull strength from my faith; God is ultimately who has made this success all possible for me. On the other hand, is the memory I have a close friend who has since passed. While I believe that all things happen as they should, I think back on my conversations with my friend and all of the hopes and goals that she had and has not been able to fulfill. Singing at her memorial a few years ago changed my musical life.  Here I am, still living this life, so why not live it in the way that I want?

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Did you know back then that your life would be full of music? Are you happy now that you are in music?

Music has always been inside me; I can always remember singing, whether at home, in church, or in school. I deliberately did not go to the High School Academy to study arts, instead choosing math and science. However, I always sang in school when I had the chance. Once in college at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, I sang with the Inspirational Concert Choir on campus and that is also when we started Lo’Profile. When Lo’ Profile’s success took off, it really confirmed my belief that I would always be in music. Of course when we didn’t make it that failure made a huge impact on my self-esteem and how I self-identified as an artist. I can look back on the experience now and know that it was never a failure and just a part of my journey. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for what happened with Lo’ Profile. And I couldn’t be happier with the process it’s taken me to get back into music and feel extremely blessed to be pursuing my dreams. I was an artist then and as I am now.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for the future?

It took me a while to get back in the game, but now that I am here, I plan to stay for a while. It has been so worth the wait and journey. Most time we don’t see the blessings that are awaiting us right around the corner and if we just keep pressing on, we’ll get there. So I would definitely like to impart to your readers to never give up on their dreams. This is what Lifeology 101, specifically the second single, “Keep Movin’” is all about. “Don’t stop what you’re doin, keep it going, you gotta keep movin.”

And of course, when you arrive at that place where you are doing what you want, stay true to yourself. I am just a regular Southern dude fortunate enough to sing. No hype, no pretenses. With pursuing your dreams, also comes responsibility and connecting with my fans is something I take seriously. That’s me on Facebook, Twitter, and the Warrior Angels hotline. I’m humbled that people are feelin’ my music, the least I can do is take time to connect and say thank you. It gives me immense pleasure to know that someone is inspired from my music. This keeps me motivated to keep creating and giving yall good ish! So be on the lookout for more music from me and acts on my label, Vintage R&B soon. I’ll also be expanding my radio endeavors and moving into film and television too. I’m telling you, once you get on your path, the floodgates open!

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Thank you SO much for everything Winston Warrior (The Phoenix is ready to run the world NOW)!!!


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