Exclusive Interview Nenna Yvonne: I am first and foremost an Innovator!

In a futuristic Universe you are the King and She is The Queen! She is wearing her haute couture dress and her crown on her blue hair, she is smiling and the entire kingdom feels her Blue Magic! In a parallel universe you are an Alien and she is your Extraterrestrial captain! You feel Euphoria when she is there! She is your Power! In your alternative reality you are the Painter and she is your Inspiration! In our world she is The Artist and your are addicted to her music! She is Nenna Yvonne the new Innovator Artist you follow! Can you feel the Power? The Dream? The Music? I can! Poping Cherry Proudly presents you the New Addiction! Nenna Yvonne is here! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Nenna Yvonne?

Nenna Yvonne is first and foremost an innovator. I am a dreamer and believer all at once. I am always searching for something inspiring and moving to enhance my creative ability. As an artist I hope to inspire and challenge the views of what most would say to be mainstream pop. I love music with a deep-rooted passion and it drives me to challenge my musical attributes to greater heights that even I cant always comprehend at times. I am a writer, a fighter, a designer, a fashion junkie, an entrepreneur, a sister, a daughter, a giver and a lover. I am African, I am American. I am international with New York roots. I want to find ways to channel my creative abilities to resift the minds of those who view mainstream pop as propaganda to gain awareness. The gift of writing comes naturally and I just want the ability to share it with others.

You are a Glam Pop Superstar! Your magical power comes through your music! You are like a thunder that strikes in our souls. What inspires you in life? What inspires you to create this musical phenomenon?

OMG what a huge compliment! I am nowhere near what I am hoping to be. Lana Del Rey was a struggling musician for the better part of her musical career. I struggled the same way she did but with a different story. To make a long story short I was born in Nigeria in a very small town and my family managed to move to America specifically New York where I became very enthusiastic about the mix of cultural blend. I attended LaGuardia High school and learned all sort for music in all sorts of languages but it wasn’t until I started penning my own music I did really want to take my music to another level. I soon partnered up with various producers and eventually recorded my first EP ‘Model Citizen’. The viral success helped gain a lot of social buzz and I started creating more and more music. My struggles and constant let downs have always been what kept me going. Being Nigerian and coming from a very strict cultural upbringing made it even more scrutinizing for me but my stubborn and rebellious spirit wouldn’t let anything stop my music drive.

I write music that inspires me from the heart, from warm conversations and movies. I love listening to Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Madonna. I love listening to Freddie Mercury and The Donnas. I love listening to Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk. Music really can empower people to do something powerful and life changing.

Your art is not only music, it’s also your photos and your videos that makes a piece of pure pop art! I don’t know someone who can resist to your pop universe! How important is for you to create a picture (photo/video) for your music? How important is vision to the music?

I have been taking photos since I was a little girl. Ever since I can remember I had wanted to be engaging and be engaged in anything creative and artistic. I loved drama, acting, modeling, dancing. I loved the way you can grab people’s attention with movement and becoming a character from a fantasy book or dream and bringing it to life. I would constantly get asked to model for different TV shows, modeling gigs (Americas Next Top Model) and so many indie films and small magazines.

When you were a kid what dreams did you have? How easy was to follow your dreams? Do you feel that music was always your destination? Do you work on something new now?

I remember my parents would take a day off work just to take me to castings in NYC because I was too young to go alone. Since then I now direct, coordinate and even consult for other designers, fashion experts, models, art directors, music videos and photo shoots. No one really believed in what I saw for myself as a career. They never saw it as a reality, like I wasn’t talented enough or good enough to be that artist but I’m still pushing and I still have a whole of drive and kick in me. The Blue Magic concept I have created is a concept that I started after I came back from Japan (Tokyo). I have traveled to Europe, Africa, Iceland, Sweden, and all over the states sharing my music as well and the overall response has been nothing short of welcoming. My next release is my single “Try Again Later” which is actually a sort of retro, hipster, pop/club record that really speaks on elements of who I am and what I stand for as an artist.

Following that will be an EP called “Blue Magic” and it really has some of the stronger records I have come to love and appreciate. Not just because of the meaning behind the songs but because they are still fun, club records that anyone can jam out to, use in a commercial, use in a documentary, TV show or create a live choreography to. I made my music so that no matter where you are hearing it you feel this sense of greater depth and urgency to love and be loved. After all that’s what music should mean to us, right?

Do you have a message to share with PopingCherry and all the people that love your voice and your music?

This summer hopefully I’ll be on tour and creating with other talented recording artists. I will also have a new video out within the next few weeks (bonus surprise, meaning the song isn’t even on my Blue Magic EP), but as far photo shoots I have so many designers that I am in touch with so I’m constantly reinvent my image because the possibilities are endless and I have no intentions on stopping where others feel I should. In my next shoot I will become a pinup doll and Marie Antoinette. It’s going to be spectacular!

Visit Nenna @ http://nennayvonne.com/

Nenna Yvonne Gallery

Listen “Go Around”

Like her: https://www.facebook.com/NennaYvonneArtist

Watch “Kuru Kuru 360”:

Thank you SO Much for everything Nenna Yvonne! (You are my inspiration, my music power, my futuristic Queen)!


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