Bonita Who?

Music is expression. Music is emotion. Music is revealing; healing; sweet sounding passion. But most of all, music is a story being told; each word and melody being birthed from a thought or inspired by a feeling that was unique to one artist yet so powerful it resonated with millions of listeners. When you sit back and listen to music, you’re really hearing more than an artist’s song, you’re hearing their life experiences, their desires, their heart and their soul. If this isn’t what music means to you, kick starting HipHop songstress Bonita’s album is essential. This project will be more than music; it will be an experience. The classic hip-hop beats will take the audience on a nostalgic journey, while the lyrics stir up timeless emotions. Meet Bonita. This “sweet” but “street” Brooklyn native is putting the heart and soul back into hip-hop—producing original songs that feature classic beats and thought-provoking lyrics. With a distinct sound, this seasoned artist is making a name for herself as one of the most versatile female hip-hop/soul artists that the industry has seen to date. And she displays this on her first single, “Outta This World,” featuring Mickey Factz, and will continue to prove she deserves a position in this music industry when she releases her first EP soon.

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