Erykah Badu in my Universe!

I was sick. I was weak. I needed help. I wanted someone to rescue me. And then she came…. I saw her coming into my room and I knew that she was the Healer! She said: “I’m standing here right now, You’re not so demanding. Tell me what you want from me”. I said: “Save me from my weakness” . She touched my hand and I felt her power! I believed in my heart, in my soul, in my power! I am strong now! She came as a light and she stayed by my side! We love the music. She is the music! She sings all the day! Hey I’ll be your best friend! I look like a model, I’ll do what I gotta do to stay in the running cause I want your honey! Her tunes are catchy, addictive, fresh, and sweet! A medicine in your heart. I told you that she is the Healer! Can’t turn her away, she believes in your heart! She is Erykah, your friend, your healer, your musical id! Close your eyes, listen to her voice…. Isn’t she so beautiful? 

Thank you!


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