Exclusive Interview Tamika Love Jones: Lets bring more beauty to the world!

I have a supreme experience! I am in paradise. Purple flowers in the sky, Pink flamingos under the Apple tree, I feel the energy, I can hear Angels laugh. This feeling is positive, harmonious and timeless. There’s no need for me to cry, I am not alone. All the creatures of Heaven are feeling love and peace! Welcome to the Garden of Eden! Welcome to my world. Can you feel love? I am addicted to Love Jones! The melodies, the voice, the velvet touch… She came to my Paradise through her music! I am standing here and her songs have the power to change my feelings, to make me feel Happy! Yes, I am happy! What a great feeling! Now, I am here to spread the message of Love Jones! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a unique artist! Tamika Love Jones talks, sings, shares love! We are so peaceful! Come join us! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Tamika Love Jones?

A writer, songstress, thinker, and lover. She is a free spirited, yet sensitive artist who thinks with her heart and transforms the deep love felt for life and people into musical that inspires and enchants those who have an open heart.

The moment you coming you can wake me with your music, your voice, your lyrics… Your music is a beautiful journey! What inspires you to create these beautiful, magical songs?

Thank you, and thanks to the most high for giving me such a gift that can touch so many people on such an intimate level. Music is very penetrating to the soul and I’ve always been a very deep, pensive type of person, so I’ve always been very touched by the things that go on in my environment, feeling a need to express them, but also struggling with an inherent shyness. So, once I broke the ice and began expressing myself through music, I got to see how healing it was to my soul and also how it connected me to other people who could actual relate to my experiences. This whole process has inspired me to keep writing and singing from the heart to keep that connection between self and community strong.

You discovered at the age of 11. Was luck? Destiny? Blessing? Which is the stronger memory of the beginning? Do you feel that music was your playground?

I think that being discovered at 11 was definitely a blessing because I was soon to face one of the most tragic experiences of my life, losing my mother to drug abuse at 12, and I think God knew that I needed hope and that’s what singing provided for me. I was always picked on at school because I was so tall. I wore hand me downs, which were usually worn out and too small because we were poor, and I was self conscious about my short hair, so really that was the only time when I began to feel accepted among my peers. It also gave me something positive to focus and build on.

My fondest memory was having the whole class find out I could sing. Like I said, I was very shy and I’ve always had this don’t ask don’t tell thing about myself so if none had asked me, I probably would have never sang. Then they just kept asking me to sing, and I loved being able to perform. It was such a release and I was glad I could finally show that I had some beauty to add to this crazy world. I gained so much confidence through singing that music was my playground and definitely my 2nd love, 1st being my mother.

How important is for you to perform live?  What you expect from the audience every time? Do you want to travel with your music all around the world, to meet new people and their culture?

Its very important for me to perform live. I had to discover it all over again after working so heavily in the studio. After years doing studio work, I had felt like a stranger to the stage and live musicians, but once I got in the groove again, I fell in love with performing again. The live musicians all bring their own energy to the stage and figuring out how to sync that energy into a comprenhsive sound is a process that I absolutely love. It’s an opportunity to make something old new again each time I perform. When I perform, I always expect the audience if they are fans of my music to request that I do one of my first singles “Damn, Damn, Damn” because it’s such a fun song.  I also expect them to thoroughly enjoy themselves because I certainly am having fun. Lastly, I’m expecting them get involved and become apart of my performance. I look forward to travelling all around the world with my music and message, I want to hear the voices of music lovers all around the world, and I want them to hear me, too.

Do you work on something new now? People need your beautiful voice! Do you feel that power? The love?

I am working on a new project, which will be my sophomore effort, since putting out my first EP, self-titled Tamika Love Jones. This one is called “Addicted to Love Jones” and it is my way of expressing my fascination with this musical journey of mine. Of taking a second to take all the love in that I’ve received. I do feel a sense of empowerment behind it all because the fans, the music lovers, the bloggers, the djs are wanting more and more and I’m blessed to be the one that can say, ha, here it is special delivery, lol 🙂 I also have a hip-hop collab I am putting out with producer, emcee, Jah-I-Witness, and I’m just always in the studio creating more so keep your ears open.

Do you have a message for PopingCherry? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for the future?

I want to tell people to free your minds and spirits from all of the falsehoods that surround us everywhere, specifically, the bombardment of our mental space with constant consumption of things we don’t need. What we need are things that feed and nurture the mind, body and spirit. We need healing, and I believe art has a lot of healing power, so I charge you to support more independent artists whether they be visual or musical, like myself. Support businesses that support your well being and that of our global community. Don’t be afraid to express yourselves and live your dreams. We all have a story to tell and can inspire. Lets bring more beauty to the world. I’ll do my part, and you do yours. Please hit me up on tamikalovejones.com or twitter/tamikalovejones. I appreciate the support. Peace and Love!

Visit @ tamikalovejones.com

Tamika Love Jones Gallery

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Thank you SO much for everything Tamika Love Jones (you are my Paradise)!!!!!!


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