Poping Cherry Presents Kai!

They said Who is Kai… Wanna know her style? Wanna know her music? Take a taste of her! I remember the first time I heard Kai. I knew that she is going to be a part of my life! And I was right! First was “Flirt”, her catchy, lovely first single! She became my favorite new singer and then she became a true friend! She can inspire me with her tunes! Now her first EP is ready! I am listening to it again and again! My favorite song? All of them! “A Taste of Me intro” presents her style! “Love is Burning” continues what “Flirt” started a year ago! “Magic Shoes” makes me wanna dance under the moonlight with my magic shoes (I wanna dance in public, follow me)! “Playlist” becomes first on my playlist. Can you feel the rhythm? It turns you on… Dance! “Perfect Talent” is the one I dedicate to Kai! She is the perfect talent, she inspires me, she has what it takes! And finally “Flirt” my all time favorite song, the one that introduced Kai to me, the one that made her Poping Cherry’s favorite star! Enjoy the music and stay connected because Poping Cherry Loves Kai!


Visit @ http://www.kaikaimusic.co.uk/


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